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How to find BEST regens FM 2014


How to find BEST regens Football Manager 2014

How to find BEST regens a guide 

When playing a long term football manager save, each season, new youth players will be randomised into the game, through a clubs youth academy. Now, the question is: How to find BEST regens - if you are not able to find and scout the best young players in the game when you will lose the chance to try and get them while they are cheaper and while you have the chance to develop them how you would like to.

The first and probably most obvious way to find good regens is through the player search screen, here I would set up a simple filter, searching for any player under the age of 17 and then just scout the most expensive players, its a very good idea to keep your scouts busy, so at every chance you need to be grabbing large chunks of players and then scout them.

Youth national teams are my second tip for how to find best regens on football manager 2014, again, you can can go through to a national youth team and then just scout every player that is in that team, so for example, go to the Russia under 18 team and then scout all the players in the team, just repeat this process for the under 21 team also. You will quickly find that you are amassing scouting reports on lots of quality young players. Do also ensure you are making your scouts attend key youth international competitions, so make sure they are present at the European Under 21 Championships etc.

Youth club teams are another great place to find youth players, this works in just the same way as the national scouting I have just discussed. You will find regens playing in a number of club youth competitions and you need to make sure your scouts are there finding these players, it is also a good idea to be reviewing these youth competitions and then selecting the players with the best average rating, this should help you to find the better players for any competition.

Scouting is an obvious thing to do and it will provide an easy method on how to find best regens - the trick here is to get your scouts scouting far a wide, it is time consuming going through lots of youth national and club teams, so if your scouts can do the work for you and unearth a wonderkid from Egypt, then all the power to you! - Remember, keep your scouts busy!

Search regens by the intake dates for regens will help you find lots of great regens for all nations, you will see this technique in action in the video, but you can go to a nation, click the transfers and then search for "youth intake" this will then allow you to find youth players for certain nations. Again, just select lots or all of the players and get your scouts to work.

I hope you have found this article on how to find the best regens on football manager 2014 helpful, I would like to hear your comments on how you search  for youth players and the best ways you find regens on football manager.