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5 TIPS FM 2015 Lower League Management


Football Manager 2015 Lower League Management Guide

This football manager 2015 article will provide tips on lower league management. Alot of people who play FM 2015 enjoy the challenge of LLM and this article will provide 5 top tips to help you with this management challenge.

Football Manager 2015 Lower League Management Guide

1. Stay on budget 

football manager 2015 lower league management
football manager 2015 LLM
It’s very easy when managing a lower league club to go over your wage budget. Although it might seem worth it at the time to try and blow the wage budget to try and sign better players, in the long run it’s not worth doing this. It is very easy for lower league clubs to rack up debt. You need to think carefully about when bringing new players in, can you really afford them and do you need to move someone else on before you bring someone else in? A good way to stay on budget is to look for players on loan, generally, if you are signing them from a much bigger club, you will not need to pay any wages.

I would also advise staying within the wage budget as if you do make a profit; the chances are you will have more money to spend the next season. This is important if you want to progress with the club that you are managing and work your way to the higher leagues as quickly as possible.

2. Focus on current ability rather than potential ability

This is probably the biggest tip I can give when managing a lower league football club on FM 2015. It’s all well and good looking at a player’s potential ability and trying to develop them as a player, but let’s face it, do you have good enough coaches, training facilities etc. to be able to offer young players an environment to develop their attributes. The majority of the time for lower league clubs, the answer will be no. My advice would be to focus on current ability rather than potential ability, this will give your club a better chance of working through the leagues and you can also look to sell players on for a profit if they have better current ability. Remember when managing a lower league club, there is a chance you will be able to pick up a young player who will need to drop down to a lower league before trying to get a move to a bigger club. You can also try and sign slightly older players, they will do a great job for you and if you pick the right player, you can use them to tutor younger players at your club.

3. Scout for Loans & Free transfers

You may have seen my article on How to set up Lower League Scouting on Football Manager 2015 - this will guide you on how to set your scouts up, but the importance of finding out about every player that wants to join you on loan or on a free transfer is vital. You never know where a hidden gem might be found. I would add that your clubs scouting knowledge will play a very big part in the players you can pick up, so as a good example, I signed a French scout with my Oxford team, although I can’t scout in France, only the UK region, having knowledge of France meant that I was able to find more players based in France, as a result of this I did manage to sign a few French players that helped me to win promotion to league 1. Loans will be vital to trying to gain promotion as quickly as possible; they could make or break your season, depending on who you manage to bring in on loan. It can be a good idea to try and make sure the spine of your team on FM 2015 is strong, so look for a good centre back, central midfielder and a decent striker. This will really help when trying to gain promotion.

4. Try and get a good parent club

It is a good idea to try and get a good Parent affiliate club if you are a smaller club, you will receive a welcome boost when you host a friendly match during the summer and you will get a lot of good young players on loan, a good example, I am playing as Oxford and I have Southampton as an affiliate club. Being able to get some of their good young players on loan has been a massive benefit to me, I don’t have to pay any wages either so works out very well for me and Southampton as their younger players get first team football and I get to use their good young players!

5. Sign versatile players

When managing a smaller team, you are likely to not have cover for every position; it is a good idea to have cover for every position. A good way of doing this is to try and sign players who can play in 2 or more positions, so if you have a right back who can cover left back or central defence, a winger who can play both left and right wing etc. You should find you will have cover for most positions when doing this. You will have times where you will need to use your younger players but if you can get a more experienced player to help out, then it’s well worth doing this.

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