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Football Manager 2015 Training Guide

football manager 2015 training
football manager 2015 training

This article will provide you with the best football manager 2015 training guide, we will be reviewing training schedules for your players, what do you need to focus your player on? How much of a part do your coaches play? And how good are your training facilities? All of these aspects we need to consider on FM 2015 and this article will detail each section so you can decide how to develop and train your player to help them increase their attributes and reach their potential ability.

Fm 2015 Training Facilities

So the best place to start with this article is on your clubs training facilities. On FM 2015 you can review your club facilities by going to your club information page and then clicking on your facilities. You will find the level that your training facilities are listed at. As you can imagine the better your training facilities the quicker your players will develop.

Football Manager 2015 Training Facilities Levels

When you review the training facilities for your football club, you will see one of the following facility levels: 

Below Average
State of the Art

These training facility levels will allow you to see if you need to ask the board to make improvements, remember the better the training facilities the better and quicker your players will improve.

Football Manager 2015 Coaches

It is essential to get the best coaches for your team on FM 2015, the key coaches attributes to look out for are determination, discipline and motivation. These are the base attributes of a good coach, you then need to find attributes to match the coaching position you are looking to fill, so a fitness coach needs to have good fitness attribute. There is alot of work that can be done with your coaches, your goal is to have 5 star coaches to help your club and the development of your players.

Football Manager 2015 Training Schedule

Creating the best football manager training schedule can take time, you need to focus on each player at your club and decide on the best way to train them so they can develop their current ability and try and reach their potential ability.

FM 2015 Training Tips

The below is a step by step guide of how I train players on FM 2015. I have also made the above video that you can watch, this explains the steps below.

Football manager 2015 attribute increase
Football manager 2015 attribute increase

1. Players between the ages of 16-21, make sure to focus on their physical attributes. So if you have a 16 year old with a strength attribute of 6, for example, put this player on a training schedule to individually work on his strength at high workload. This will improve the players attribute. When the attribute is of a high enough level, say 10, then you can stop this training and move onto another area of training.

football manager 2015 individual training
football manager 2015 individual training

2. When you are happy with your players physical attributes, start working on their technical attributes. Really the younger you get to doing this the better. Again like the physical training, if you have a passing attribute at 10, put the player on a high workload training schedule on his strength and then wait until its gone to 11 or 12.

3. So now you have a player who's physical attributes you are happy with and you are increasing key attributes over time. So lets pretend you have a player with good phycical attributes and have got this players passing attribute up to 12. It is now a good idea to put him on a medium training workload for the position that he plays, so if this player is a central midfielder, when you have that passing attribute up to 12, switch over to average workload on a central midfielder training schedule. Now you wait for other attributes to increase over a 3 month period.

football manager 2015 training graph
Football Manager 2015 Training Graph
4. So 3 months have passed by and you have noticed that other attributes for your player have increased. The next part of this process is to pick another attribute to work on, so say the players technique attribute is 10, lets put the player on a high workload training schedule for his technique until his technique attribute is up to 11 or 12.

5. This is the method you need to adapt over time, so to review, work on physical attributes, then one technical attribute, then set it as a general training for the players position and then work on another attribute. Mental attributes will improve with game time.

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