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HOW TO Create the BEST Football Manager 2015 TACTICS


How to Create a Tactic on Football Manager 2015

football manager 2015 tactics

Review the current ability of your team

The first step to creating a tactic for your team is to sort the players by ability, you need to firstly establish how balanced your squad is. Do you have lots of good strikers, do you have technical strikers like Sergio Ag├╝ero or more physical strikers like Diego Costa? These are the thing you need to be asking yourself. These types of things will decide how you select your starting line-up and formation. Once you have looked through your team, you should now have a good idea on who your best players are and the types of position they would be good at playing.


Start putting the players in position

Now you have established who your better players are, having sorted the squad by current ability, you now just need to roughly put the players into position, if you have 2 good strikers, then play with 2 up top, if you have 3 good midfielders as your best players, think about having a 3 man midfield. You will know what to do when you know who you best players are, you should now start to see your tactic take shape. Keep going through all your players until you have picked 11 players.

Make sure your tactic is balanced

Now you have picked 11 players, you need to review the tactic to see if it’s balanced, you won’t win a game of football by having 5 strikers on the pitch, or 3 players down the right wing. You need to make sure your tactic looks right, maybe a simple 4-4-2 would suit your team, or you might want to have a holding midfielder. Just carefully review the tactic, make sure it’s balanced and then you can start to swap players around. It might be that you don’t have anyone decent down the left, if this is the case, then you might have to "make do" until you can find some decent players to fill in the positions you are lacking quality in.


Think about player roles as part of your tactics

So now you have picked you best 11 and you have also created a balanced formation, you now need to think about the style of football that suites your team best. Are you a team like Chelsea, who have strong physical players, are you a team like Arsenal who are more technical, looking to retain possession and pass their way through teams? This is the point, when creating your tactic where you will need to make sure you are thinking about your attacking and defensive options, you can’t have everyone bombing forward and leave yourself short in defence, if you have attacking wingers, do you really need to have your fullbacks on a complete wingback role, where they are breaking forward all the time? Would this leave you with hardly any defenders and will you keep getting caught on the counter attack? These are the types of thing you need to think about. Also you need to think about things like, how are you going to look to score most of your goals, do you have wingers who are good at crossing and a big target man up top? Maybe it would be a good idea to focus playing the ball down the wings to get crosses in for your target man.

Review the tactic you have created

One of the last items you need to review is to think about attack, defence, having possession and not having possession. So let’s create a situation, the other team are attacking, your central defender wins the ball back, what do you want him to do with the ball, lump it forward? Pass it short? Or try and keep possession? Say he picks the option to pass short to your midfielder. What does your midfielder do with the ball; look for a through ball to a fast striker? Look to pass it out wide to your skilful winger? Or keep the ball and see what happens. You need to think of situations and what might happen. Pretend in this situation you were the team who was attacking and now the other team have the ball, do you tell your striker to press the ball and win it off the defender who had the ball, do your midfielders hassle and mark the midfielder, so the defender has less option to pass and do something with the ball?

These are all things you can think about in football manager 2015 and they will help you to create your tactic. Try creating tactics for a few different teams to get a good idea on this method of creating tactics.

What are good teams to make tactics for?

I would suggest you try and make a tactic for Chelsea, with their power and strength, try making one for Aston Villa, with the pace they have in their team and try and create a tactic for Barcelona, they have small technical players. Your tactics might be similar to how these teams play in real life, but remember there is a reason why certain clubs play the way they do, it suites the players in the squad.

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