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Football Manager 2017 First Look Preview

Football Manager 2017 First Look Preview

Football Manager 2017 is set for its full release on the 4th of November. We will be able to play a beta version of the game 2 weeks before the official release date. Yesterday, a first look preview video was released. We are able to take a look at some new screens and features that are available on Football Manager 2017. It has been announced there will be 1,000 new features, 20,000 new media items and we will also have 1,500 new animations on the match engine.

Football Manager Youth Facility Guide

Football Manager Youth Facility Guide

Football Manager Youth Facility Guide

When playing Football Manager an area of interest for a lot of players is to try and get a number of young players from your academy into your first team. It goes without saying that for your first team to be successful you need to have good players in your team. So how do you go about making sure you have the best youth players coming through your academy?

There are a number of ways to develop and train your young players, but when they initially come through to your youth team, the only way to get better players through is to improve the facilities of your club. When it comes to youth players, there are three facilities that effect how good the players are. They are your youth facilities, your junior coaching levels and your youth recruitment levels.

I will discuss each of these below and confirm what they effect.

Youth Facilities

The best way to think of youth facilities are how quick will your young players develop while at your club. If you think about it logically, where would a young player develop quicker, training on a muddy field in the middle of know where or in a nice indoor facility that has excellent training equipment. The answer is of course the second option. Of course it is essential to make sure you have the very best coaches your club can afford. The training facilities however are important to make sure when you do have youth players at your club they are able to train in a nice and modern environment.

The youth facility levels are as follows from worst too best:

Below Average

Junior Coaching

The junior coaching facilities will determine how good the current ability of your players is when they first come into your youth team. Of course on Football Manager, players come into youth teams from about the age of 14 and older. It’s their development before the age of 14-15 that junior coaching effects. At most clubs, they might have players from as young as 6 training with them. If a player is with a club since the age of 6, how good if the coaching the player is getting? If its minimal, then you can expect to get players into your youth team that do not have very good current ability. If you have exceptional junior coaching, then there is a better chance of your players coming through with better current ability.

The levels of junior coaching are as follows (from worst too best):


Youth Recruitment

Youth recruitment will determine where you are finding players. I like to think of youth recruitment as follows. Imagine you are a small team playing in the midlands of England. Will you have the resources to send scouts etc to Spain and other countries to find young players? The answer is most likely no. You are more than likely only able to watch young players within about a 10-20 mile radius of where your club is based. If your team has better youth recruitment, they will be able to scout a larger area of players and so the chances of finding players with better potential will increase. Think about Barcelona signing Messi when he was just 13 to their academy, their well-established youth recruitment means they are able to find the very best players from all over the world.

The youth recruitment levels are as follows (from worst too best):

Fairly Basic
Above Average
Well Established

As I have mentioned it is important to make sure you have good coaches at your club and a scouting team with good knowledge of different countries, however you also need to make sure your facilities are in good shape so you can develop players quicker and increase the chances of good players coming through your academy.

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Football Manager 4 Ways To Increase Morale With Player Interaction

Football Manager 4 Ways To Increase Morale With Player Interaction

Increase Morale With Player Interaction

What ever team you are managing on Football Manager, whether you are managing a big or small club, the interaction you have with your players is vital. In recent versions of Football Manager there has been an increase of how we can speak to our players and interact with them. In this article I am going to explain the important of how you can interact with your players to increase their morale.

Making sure player morale remains high is vital for success on Football Manager. Even if your players are not too good, you will be very surprised in some instance how well some players can play with high morale.

Praising with good training - If you notice any green arrows on your player attributes, that means they are performing well in training. Without fail on the first of every month when I get the training report, I always make sure to praise the players who are training well. This always ends up with the players getting a morale boost, especially for younger players who are training well.

Praise good performances - As a general rule of thumb any players who has an average rating of over 7.80, I will look to praise them after a good match performance. You don't want to do this too often and if you get a bad reaction from a player after praising his match performance, then you might want to consider praising him again. Generally though most players react well if you praise them after playing well. I do tend to praise players if they have scored a goal during a match or if they have made a number of key passes. Like I have mentioned before, if you praise a player and they do not react well then I would not try it again.


Ask the player for any recommended signings - This usually works better for players who are not from the country you are managing in but usually, maybe every 2-3 months, I will go through my foreign players and see if they can recommend either a players or a staff member who I might be able to sign. Most of the time the player will not put any names forward, but it is always good if they do as this will generally boost the players morale. If they don't give any names then their morale will not be effected, its just if they recommend someone that you can see a boost in player morale.

Team talks - On your squad overview you do have the option of holding a team meeting, I have been using this a lot more recently than I used to. If your team is playing well or not as expected then you can use the team talks to try and change your whole teams morale. Just remember though if you get this wrong you could end up upsetting your whole team rather than just one player, so you need to be very careful with doing this. My general approach is if my team is not playing too well, then I try to say we have good enough ability in the team to change things and make things work OK again. If we are playing well, then generally I just need to praise them for playing well.

Which ever type of interaction you have with your players, its important to be consistent. You need to remember that having high player morale is vital for the success of your team, so its very important to get it right.

How do you interact with players in your tam to increase their morale?

The 3 Best Football Manager Videos You May Have Missed In The Last Month

The 3 Best Football Manager Videos You May Have Missed In The Last Month

There has been lots of quality Football Manager content being added to Youtube over the past month. In this article we check out the 3 best videos you might have missed from the last month.

Second Yellow Card's Building a nation Series

This has to be my favourite Football Manager Youtube series at the moment. Below is the video for the first episode in the series. The idea is to help build the Danish league to be as high as it can in terms of reputation. In order to do this players will need to be brought from other nations (not from Denmark), players then need to be developed and then sold to other Danish teams to help them develop and be stronger.

DoctorBenjy FM's Draft Mode with WorkTheSpace

In this episode both DoctorBenjy FM and WorkTheSpace run through a draft mode pick only buying players from Serie A. They have a budget of £250 Million.

Watch the video below to see how they get on.

WorkTheSpace's 10 Year Review of His Gibraltar Save

WorkTheSpace has now completed 10 years of his Gibraltar save. In this episode he completes a review of the last 10 years.

England Selection Battle: Kyle Walker vs Nathaniel Clyne

England Selection Battle: Kyle Walker vs Nathaniel Clyne

With England preparing their selves recently for the Euro 2016 competition this summer with a win against Germany and then a loss against Holland. Many people have said that Kyle Walker has just about edged ahead of Nathaniel Clyne for the right back position in the England squad. Using whoscored.com to check out the player statistics, we will review who is leading the way in terms of statistics. I will be reviewing only both of their performances in the Premier League during the 2015/2016 season.

At the time of writing this Walker has made 27 appearances for Tottenham, playing 2422 mins of the field. Clyne has made 29 appearances for Liverpool and has played for 2610 mins.

Taking a look at the tackling statistics, both players are very even in this area, having both made 2.5 tackles on average per game in the Premier League. In terms of stats, per game Walker has had 0.8 times per game when players have dribbled passed him, compared to Clynes which is 0.4 times per game. An interesting stat can be to look at the interceptions per game, on average Clyne makes 1.7 interceptions per game and Walker has made 2.8, which is quite a bit higher. In terms of key passes, whoscored.com has shown that Walker has made 27 key passes in total and that Clyne has made 18 in the Premier League. One stat that stands out to me is the number of times Clyne has been dispossessed of the ball, this season he has lossed possession 29 times, compared to Walkers which is at 15.

I do certainly think the stats back up Walkers shout to be the right back for England during Euro 2016. It seems Walker would be more of a steady choice at right back. I think both players are good, but for me I think Walker just about gets the nod.

Who would you pick to be Englands right back during Euro 2016?