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Unearthed Gems: Finding Hidden Talent in Football Manager


In the ever-evolving world of football management simulation, unearthing hidden talent can be the key to building a successful dynasty. Whether you're managing a top-tier club or leading a small-town team to glory, discovering those hidden gems can elevate your squad to new heights. In this article, we'll delve into the art of finding hidden talent in Football Manager and reveal some invaluable tips and strategies to help you unearth the next big star.

Scour the Lower Leagues

One of the best places to find hidden talent is in the lower leagues or less glamorous footballing nations. These areas often have overlooked players who can develop into world-class performers. Scout diligently in countries like Argentina, Serbia, or Denmark, and you might stumble upon a future superstar with a modest price tag.

Utilize Your Scouting Network

Your scouting network is your lifeline in Football Manager. Hire the best scouts you can afford and deploy them strategically. Assign scouts to different regions, set them to focus on youth development, and regularly check their reports for potential signings. Remember, your scouts' expertise can make all the difference in identifying hidden gems.

Pay Attention to Attributes

While scouting, pay close attention to player attributes that indicate potential growth. Look for high values in attributes like "Potential Ability," "Determination," and "Work Rate." Players with these qualities often develop faster and can become stars with the right training and game time.

Check Contract Expiry Lists

Football Manager features a list of players whose contracts are set to expire soon. These players can often be signed on a free transfer or for a relatively low fee, making them excellent budget-friendly additions to your squad. Keep an eye on this list and swoop in when you spot potential talent.

Attend Youth Tournaments

Youth tournaments, such as the U19 World Cup, showcase emerging talents from around the world. Attend these events or assign scouts to monitor them. You might discover young players with great potential before other clubs even realize their worth.

Develop Your Youth Academy

Invest in your youth academy and set up an extensive youth scouting network. Developing homegrown talent not only saves money but also fosters a strong connection between your club and local fans. These players can become the heart of your team for years to come.

Analyze the Stats

Dig deep into player statistics. Pay attention to players who consistently perform well in their leagues, even if they aren't in the spotlight. Sometimes, overlooked stats like "Key Passes" or "Interceptions" can reveal hidden gems who excel in their roles.


In Football Manager, finding hidden talent is a skill that can set you apart from the competition. By diligently scouting lower leagues, utilizing your scouting network, and paying attention to player attributes and stats, you can unearth gems that will elevate your team to success. So, get out there, scour the globe, and start building your own legacy as a talent-finding maestro in the virtual world of football management. The next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo might be just a scouting report away.

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5 Tips for Loaning Out Players on Football Manager


In the world of football management, loaning out players can be a valuable strategy for player development and financial management. Football Manager offers a realistic simulation of this process, allowing you to send your talents to other clubs to gain experience and improve their skills. However, successful loan deals require careful planning and execution. In this article, we'll explore five essential tips to ensure your players benefit from loan spells in Football Manager.

Choose the Right Destination:

One of the most critical aspects of a successful loan deal is selecting the right destination for your player. Consider the following factors:

Playing Time: Ensure the loaned player has a good chance of regular first-team action. Look at the current squad and assess if your player fits into the starting lineup or can at least be a valuable squad rotation option.

Playing Style: Find a club that plays a style of football that aligns with your player's strengths and preferred position. If your player is an attacking midfielder, a club that focuses on possession-based football may be ideal.

Development Focus: Some clubs prioritize player development more than others. Look for clubs with strong youth academies or a history of nurturing young talents.

Monitor Progress Closely:

Loaning out a player doesn't mean you can forget about their progress. Keep a close eye on your loaned players by checking their performances, match reports, and statistics. Pay attention to their average ratings, goals, assists, and other relevant data.

Communication and Feedback: Stay in touch with the loaned player through regular player conversations. Provide constructive feedback after matches and praise them for good performances. This can boost their morale and development during the loan spell.

Include Clauses in the Loan Agreement: When negotiating loan deals, consider adding clauses to protect your interests and the player's development.

Playing Time Clause: Include a clause that ensures your player gets a certain amount of playing time over the loan duration.

Recall Clause: In case of emergencies or if the player's development stalls, include a recall option to bring them back to your club.

Monthly Wage Contributions: Negotiate with the borrowing club to cover a portion of your player's wages to save on costs.

Evaluate and Reassess: Regularly evaluate the loaned player's progress and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Mid-Season Assessment: Around the midway point of the loan spell, assess whether the player is meeting your expectations. If not, consider terminating the loan or seeking a different loan destination.

Post-Loan Integration: When the loan spell ends, evaluate whether the player is ready to return to your first team or if another loan spell or sale would be more beneficial.


Loaning out players in Football Manager can be an effective way to nurture young talents and provide them with valuable experience. By carefully choosing loan destinations, monitoring progress, maintaining communication, including relevant clauses in loan agreements, and evaluating the results, you can maximize the benefits of loan spells for both your players and your club.

Remember that every player's development journey is unique, and not all loans will result in immediate success. Be patient and adapt your approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for your loaned players. With these tips, you'll be well-prepared to make informed decisions when sending your talents out on loan in Football Manager.

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GUIDE to Football Manager 2015 Scouting Knowledge


Football Manager 2015 Scouting Knowledge

football manager 2015 scouting knowledge
FM 2015 scouting knowledge
When playing football manager 2015, every team you play as will have scouting knowledge of nations and regions. This article will tell you how this feature works on FM 2015 and we will also discuss how to increase scouting knowledge and how to improve scouting knowledge. Using scouts, your coaches and feeder clubs are the best ways to get the best scouting knowledge.

The video as part of this article will also have a special tip for improving your world scouting knowledge quickly.

Finding the scouting knowledge screen on FM 2015

FM 2015 scouting knowledge
FM 2015 world scouting knowledge
To find the scouting knowledge screen on football manager 2015, over to the left hand side of the screen, you will need to press the “scouting” option. When on this page, you will need to then click on the “knowledge” screen at the top. You will see on this page you will see details of your world scouting knowledge at the top and then the regions just below this. At the bottom you will see the nations you have knowledge of and this will then give you as a percentage your total knowledge of a region or of the world. To see the percentage you need to hover over the blue lines and then the percentage will show. You will see your knowledge for nations is made up from scouts, coaches and feeder clubs you might have from different nations. It’s also important to know that knowledge can be gained through relationships your members of staff have with other people through the footballing world.

How to increase scouting knowledge

I have seen a lot of people asking how to get 100 percent world scouting knowledge, I don’t think this can be done, however there are many ways on how to improve scouting knowledge. I mentioned earlier about some of the ways, but these are my top tips on how to increase scouting knowledge on football manager 2015.

1. The most simple way is to look for staff and coaches that have knowledge of different nations. To use an example, say your football club is based in England and you are looking to increase your knowledge of central Europe. I would look for any staff member that has knowledge of any nation in central Europe. When you sign this staff member, say he has good knowledge of France; this will open up the amount of players and staff you can see for this nation. With this increased knowledge, you might be able to find someone based in France but that has good knowledge of Spain. With this knowledge you keep the ball rolling and you just keep going through the nations one by one.

Obviously it makes your job much easier if the member of staff has knowledge of more nations. My video shows the best ways on how to increase scouting knowledge.

2. Feeder clubs are the next step, when you are a bigger team you will be able to have feeder clubs, these can be clubs you send your players on loan to, teams you have first pick of their youth players or even to get commercial advantages. The trick with this is to pick feeder teams where you do not have knowledge of a nation, it can be a good idea to pick a more obscure footballing nation, but also do try and pick a team with good youth facilities.

FC Shakhtar Donetsk, from the Ukraine, are a great example, they have great youth facilities and they will help increase your knowledge of Eastern European football. Remember to pick the team wisely, it is also a good idea to check out the feeder clubs that the feeder club you are picking has. In some instances because of the relationship that two clubs might have, you can also gain increased knowledge through the relationship they have.

3. Keeping your scouts busy is also another good way to increase scouting knowledge on football manager 2015. Depending on the size of the club you are managing the amount of scouts will be allowed to have will change. If you are at a bigger club, it could be a good idea to have scouts focusing on particular nations. If we pretend we have a scout who has good knowledge of France. We can use that scout to search for players in the scouting range of France, Spain and then maybe a country like Portugal.

Scouting knowledge will decrease if you do not let your scouts go back to a nation for a while, so as Spain is a bigger nation and France is also, if you allow your scout to look for players in a smaller country like Portugal, this should give them enough time to have their knowledge high on all nations selected. If you did have 20 scouts and used this small/big nation tactic, then you could have knowledge of 60 countries (20 scouts looking after 3 nations each). You can see how we get the ball moving with this to increase knowledge quickly.

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Football Manager 2018 Release Date


Football Manager 2018 Release Date

When is the Football Manager 2018 release date?

We are getting to that time of year again when news and information will start to be released about Football Manager 2018. Traditionally information about new FM games is released during the months of August or September. This article will be updated as and when official information and features are released about FM18.

Football Manager allows you to manage football clubs from around the world. You are responsible for managing transfers, player training, setting the team tactics and also hiring and firing your back room staff. How you decide to manage your team is up to you, but Football Manager 2018 will allow you to create your own football management experience.

Football Manager 2018 Release Date

The last version, which of course was, Football Manager 2017 was released on November 4th, 2016. It has been announced that Football Manager 2018, Football Manager Touch 2018 and Football Manager Mobile 2018 will be released on the 10th of November 2017.

Football Manager 2018 Beta Release Date

Whoever pre-ordered Football Manager 2017 last year, got to play the Beta version of the game two weeks before the release of the full version. We expect the same this year around and will also update this info once we have beta date officially announced.

What Are The Previous Football Manager Release Dates?

Below are the previous release dates for older versions of the game:

Football Manager 2010 - 30th October
Football Manager 2011 - 5th November
Football Manager 2012 - 21st October
Football Manager 2013 - 2nd November
Football Manager 2014 - 31st October
Football Manager 2015 - 7th November
Football Manager 2016 - 13th November
Football Manager 2017 - 4th November
Football Manager 2018 - 10th November 2017

New Features For Football Manager 18

At the time of writing this no new features for FM18 have been released. We will be keeping an eye on the Official Football Manager Twitter and Instagram sites for further news about features that may be in the game. have released an article on what they think some of the new features for FM 2018 should be. They mention about introducing managing Womens football, this is not something that would interest me personally, but it would be a move that some fans may like.

They also mention that the graphics for the game are looking a bit dated, they start to compare the graphics to Fifa. As someone who has played football manager for over 20 years, I realise that the game is about the management of a football team, not pretty graphics. I watch all of my games on 2d so I can see the tactical side of the game better. From that aspect, I don't think there needs to be alot of work put into making the game look pretty, the engine under match engine is an area that will always need developing though.

Football Manager 2018 Price

Football Manager 2017 was released with a price of £34.99, it can *probably* be expected that FM18 will retail for the same price. On the Official Football Manager 2018 webpage - it has been confirmed that "fans who pre-purchase Football Manager 2018 before Monday, October 9th and have Football Manager 2017 in their Steam Library will receive a 'Contract Extension Bonus' discount of 25% off their purchase via Steam or the SEGA Store.". This is certainly an offer worth taking up if you do have Football Manager 2017 on your Steam Library.

The initial release price on the Official Football Manager 2018 website is £37.99.

How Do You Score More Goals In Football Manager?


QUESTION: How To Score More Goals In Football Manager

Whatever team you are managing on Football Manager, you will want to try and score alot of goals, not only is it more entertaining for you as a manager, but you clearly have a better chance of winning more games if you are scoring more goals. This article will explain three areas you can review to try and score more goals when playing Football Manager.

Go more attacking - This may sound very simple but sometimes just tweaking your tactics to go more attacking can have a massive impact on how many goals your team can score. If you go to a more attacking mentality or go more fluid, this can help open your team up and they will be more likely to push forward to try and score. You do need to be careful though with changing your team mentality and shape. You need to experiment with how to change this. I will often leave my team mentality on controlled or standard and then change my structure to be fluid if I want to push forward a little bit more. Make sure you watch a full game via the match engine to see how the changes effect your team shape and player positions.

Think about how you build up attacks - It is important to makes sure you are making the most of the types of players you have in your team. Think about how West Brom attack compared to say Arsenal or Liverpool. All of these teams are well established in the Premier League, but they attack based upon the players they have in their squad. It is important to know your players well and how to get the best out of them. If you have a full back or winger who is good at crossing, then get crosses in. If you have a pacy striker (like Vardy), then you might want him to run onto the ball. You need to have a game plan in mind for how you want to attack and then think of the best way to make that attacking style happen.

Add PPMs to certain players - It is possible on football manager to add player preferred moves - these are things that the player likes to do or will do more of. This can be things like dribbling more, curling shots, trying long shots more often etc. So when it comes to scoring more goals on football manager, I would strongly advise to add PPMs that will influence how your team attacks/creates chances. I am playing with a 3-5-2 formation at the moment and I like one of my central midfielders to bomb forward as much as possible. I have trained him with the PPM of "gets forward when possible" and I am also thinking about giving him the PPM of "gets into opposition area". I am only thinking about this at the moment as he has long shots of 14, so I want him to get forward, but as he is good at taking long shots, I want him outside the area.

For strikers, I like to give them PPMs of places shots or if they are good at long shots then you can go down the route of giving them the PPMs "shoots from distance", "shoots with power" and "curls ball" - make sure your player has good technique if he is going to be curling the ball.

For your midfielders you might want to look for PPMs like "trys killer balls often" - this is one of my favourite player preferred moves and if you have a decent player who is capable of this then it can be very helpful for your team and scoring more goals.

football manager how to score more goals

However you decide its best for your team to score more goals, it is important you know the players at your club and how you can get the best out of them. I recently had my wingbacks playing really wide to try and get more crosses into the box. After watching them closely on the match engine, I tried to get them to sit narrower to be involved more with the build-up play - it also meant I could get them to put in lower crosses to my striker. The results of this have changed my whole season around, we are scoring goals for fun and are currently 2nd in the league.