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Ultimate List: Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players


Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players

Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players

You may be asking yourself:

Who are the best fm 2017 cheap players?

Lets face it:

When playing football manager 2017 there is no better feeling than finding a bargain player to sign and then getting him into your squad.

Where can you find cheap fm 2017 players?

Well you can of course use the player search function that is on the game, or you can use the ready made list below.

What players are on the list?

I have tried to include as many players that play in different positions as possible. I have tried to find young cheap players also, so that you will have a chance to develop them yourself.

If you are finding it difficult on football manager to find good cheap players, I would recommend you do the following.
  • Try to look at nations where you do not expect the players values to be high. English, Brazilian and Italian players are generally over priced. Look for players in Eastern Europe or Scandinavia for cheaper options.
  • Develop a scouting network in areas where you are more likely to find cheaper players. You should try to get scouts with good scouting knowledge of areas where cheaper players can be found.
  • Look for players on the player search screen. You can also just use the old fashioned method to find cheaper players by finding players that are under a certain value.

The list of Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players

Cheap FM 2017 Goalkeepers:

Tomas Koubek
Lovre Kalinic
Bingourou Kamara
Timo Horn
Mile Svilar
Christian Fruchtl
Frederik Ronnow
Predrag Rajkovic
Carlos Kameni

Cheap FM 2017 Defenders:

Stipe Vucur
Pedro Henrique
Frederico Venancio
Neven Subotic
Dayot Upamecano
Serdar Aziz
Adam Tzanetopoulos
Bailey Wright
Florentin Pogba
Luca Caldirola
Nicolas Tagliafico
Bartosz Salamon
Ruben Duarte
Pol Lirola
Jack Stephens

Cheap FM 2017 Midfielders:

William Kvist
Jonathan dos Santos
Andrea Poli
Odil Ahmedov
Ludwig Augustinsson
Fede Cartabia
Rafik Zekhnini

Cheap FM 2017 Strikers:

Jaime Ayovi
Ante Budimir
Facundo Colidio
Andreas Cornelius
Angelo Henriquez
Moussa Konate
Maximiliano Romero
Sebastian Driussi

Lets Learn: Best Preferred Moves For A Striker On FM17


FM17 Guide: Best Preferred Moves For A Striker

You might be wondering:

I have a great striker on football manager, but I do not have a clue what would be the best preferred moves to teach him.

Well fear not.

In this article we are going to review the best preferred moves for a striker on football manager.

Before we start this though...

Just what the hell is a preferred move and why does my striker need one?

Well let me tell you.

A preferred move is what a football player likes doing on the pitch.

football manager 2017 Romelu Lukaku
Football Manager 2017 Romelu Lukaku
An example:
  • Messi likes to run with the ball often.
  • Lee Cattermole likes to dive into tackles.
Player preferred moves or PPMs for short CAN be a good thing for your player to have, only if he has the attributes to back it up.

Let me explain.

If you have a striker who has an attribute of 7 for long shots, is it going to be a good idea for him to shoot from distance?


Now lets say you have that same striker and he has a long shot attribute of 19. Could it be a good idea for him to shoot from distance?

Of course it is!

If you are looking for the best preferred moves for your striker on football manager, you MUST review his attributes.

Its that simple.

What do I do to pick a preferred move for my strikers?

I will break it down.

I firstly will check out my strikers best attributes and make a note of them.


I will think about how I want to set up my tactics.

Lets say I have a very creative midfielder who is great at making killer balls and that I have a striker who is fast. What would be a good combo for this?

Football Manager 2017 Gonzalo Higuaín
Football Manager 2017 Gonzalo Higuaín
You guessed correct. My midfielder should be playing killer balls through to my fast striker.

So what preferred moves would I teach my fast striker? Likes to beat offside trap would be a good option.

...And what would you like to happen when your striker gets the ball?

If he is good at dribbling with the ball, could it be a good idea to use his pace and knock the ball past opponent?

How good is the players finishing?

How do you want him to shoot? - If his finishing attribute is high and he has good technique, then could it be a good idea to place shots?

You need to picture in your head how you want to attack and what YOU want to happen on the pitch.

Another example:

You have a good winger who is good at crossing. And you have a striker who is strong, good in the air and is good at heading.

What would you do here?

I know what I would be doing. Get the crosses in for the powerful striker. You might want to float crosses so your striker has time to get into position to head the ball.

You will want him to get into the opposition area. So give him that preferred move.

It's difficult for me to give you a one size fits all for every striker on football manager.

But think about it:

How hard is it to just check out the best attributes of your striker. Think about how you want to play and then think about what preferred moves would be best for your striker.

It's not very in all honesty. help you, these are all the player traits a player can have on FM17:

Football Manager 2017 Preferred MovesFootball Manager 2017 Preferred MovesFootball Manager 2017 Preferred Moves

Take a look at the list and just think about the above.

Best Football Manager 2017 English Wonderkids


Best Football Manager 2017 English Wonderkids

>> Check out our full list of: Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids <<

The last time I had made a list of the best English Football Manager wonderkids was for FM 2015. Some of the players on that list were an 18 year old Dele Alli, an 18 year old Luke Shaw and a 17 year old Lewis Cook, who had been playing for Leeds. Fast forward a few seasons, Dele Alli is a full England international and Luke Shaw is slowly working his way back to fitness after suffering a broken leg. For Football Manager 2017 we will again be checking out 10 of the best English players under the age of 18. It will be interesting reviewing this article in a few years to see how the players develop and if they are successful in real life and not just on Football Manager.

Name Club Age
Angel Gomes Man United 15
Ryan Sessegnon Fulham 16
Jake Vokins Southampton 16
Reiss Nelson Arsenal 16
Ian Carlo Poveda Man City 16
Jadon Sancho Man City 16
Kane Wilson West Brom 16
Jake Vokins Southampton 16
Jonathan Leko West Brom 17
Kazaiah Sterling Tottenham 17
Andre Green Aston Villa 17
Reece Oxford West Ham 17
George Hirst Sheffield Wednesday 17
Ro-Shaun Williams Man United 17
Tyrell Warren Man United 17
Marcus Edwards Tottenham 17
Callum Gribbin Man United 17
Cameron Humphreys Man City 17
Admiral Muskwe Leicester 17
Ainsley Maitland-Niles Arsenal 18
Marcus Rashford Man United 18
Tammy Abraham Chelsea 18
Rico Henry Brentford 18
Ademola Lookman Charlton 18
Dominic Solanke Chelsea 18
Dael Fry Middlesbrough 18
Axel Tuanzebe Man United 18
Hamza Choudhury Leicester 18
Tom Davies Everton 18

How Do You Develop Wonderkids On Football Manager?

I have written about this topic a numbers of times, but training, tutoring and game time are the most important aspects of developing players on Football Manager. You need to remember that all players will react differently and progress at different speeds, but if you firstly you need to tutor a player to make sure he has a professional personality. A professional personality will ensure he will develop at a quicker rate. At a young age try to focus on the key attributes for a players position and also their physical attributes. Mental attributes will develop with game time. Although its sounds simple to just focus on three key areas of a players development, you do need to be very organised with doing this so I would advise making notes on players you wish to develop so you receive notifications to check on the players progress. Luck does play an important role in developing players, but if you do focus on the three mentioned items you will be doing your best job to develop players for your squad.

Last updated: 13/01/2017

Wonderkid Analysis: Ryan Sessegnon FM 2017


Ryan Sessegnon FM 2017

Who is Ryan Sessegnon?
Ryan Sessegnon FM 2017
Ryan Sessegnon FM 2017
Ryan Sessegnon, is an English professional footballer who plays in the left back position for Championship club Fulham.

Born in the year 2000. That makes me feel old. He is currently 16, at the time of writing this.

Even at the age of 16, he has made a number of appearances for Fulham during the 2016/2017 season and looks set to have a very bright future.

What makes him stand out?

He has fantastic pace on FM17 with acceleration of 15 and pace of 15 also.

A 16 year old with a crossing ability of 14 is excellent also. I do like he has a composure attribute of 15. This is very high for a young player.

What other stand out attributes does he have?

He also has technique of 15 and a work rate attribute of 12. With a stamina attribute of 17, he is more than capable of running up and down the wing.

...and how could you make the most out of him when playing him at left back?

To make the most of Ryan Sessegnon on FM17 you will need to use him as an attacking fullback. I would use him similar to how Tottenham use Danny Rose. Sessegnon will be excellent at getting forward with the ball. 

He has a player preferred move of "Runs with ball down left". So make the most of this. He is not the best in the tackle and not aggressive, so I would consider changing him to a left midfielder.

He is certainly a player to keep an eye on.

Football Manager: Why You NEED Older Players and How To Use Them


Football Manager: How Do You Make The Most Of Older Players?

To build a good squad on football manager you need older players.

  • You can use them to tutor your younger players.
  • They are experienced and generally have good mental attributes.

How do you make the most of older players on football manager?

Lets find out.

If you cast your mind back to the last few seasons of Sir Alex Ferguson's time at Manchester United, he kept Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand in the squad.

Why did he do this?

He knew they had been there, done it and got the tshirts.

United had players in their squad such as Rafael, who was 22 during the 2012/2013 season and Danny Welbeck who was also the same age.

To have players with vast experience playing in the same squad as younger players is golden. You can keep a cycle of young players learning from older players and eventually the younger players turn into more experienced players so they can tutor the next generation.

What do I do with my older players on football manager?

I will use them to tutor younger players.

Tutoring younger players on football manager can take two forms. Either the younger player will just pick up the personality of the older player and an increase of determination. The other route is that the younger player picks up all the previously mentioned plus the older players preferred moves.

Why is this a good thing?

Having a better personality will make your younger players develop much quicker. It can also take years for youth players to pick up a number of different PPMs, so if he can pick up a number of PPMs in a shorter span of time from being tutored, this is a good thing.

You should also think about having older players on the bench or starting them.

Think of an example.

You are winning a match 2-1 with 10 mins to go. You look at the players you have on the bench and you have an experienced player to call upon who can help you see out the game. This is a fantastic option to have.

Being able to call upon the experience of older players is vital and something you do need to have in your squad.

If one of your players is unavailable for selection, who better to bring in than an experienced player?

How else can you use older players?

I do also like to have older players in my team as potential coaches. I do like the thought of having a player that have been in my squad for a while and then when it comes to him retiring, having him move to a coaching role.

I am not too sure if it makes a difference, but I like to take a look at people who are listed as legends of my clubs and check if I can get them as coaches. Sometimes they make good coaches and I would have thought this can only be a good thing for your club.

Football Manager List of Club Legends
Garry Wood - Club Legend For Montrose
Think of the future...

If you can bring in some experience to your team you will have the benefit of having younger players with better personalities (which will be good in the long run for your team). You should always be thinking about the churn of older players tutoring young players and passing on knowledge.

Garry Wood Football Manager Coach
Garry Wood - Football Coach and Montrose Legend
The next time you go to release an experienced player.

You need to think:

How can I make the most out of him to benefit my club in the short term and the long term?