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How Do You Make An Attacking Tactic On Football Manager?


How to Create An Attacking Tactic On Football Manager

How to create an attacking tactic on football manager

When you are playing Football Manager, it is vital to think about how your team will score goals and how they will defend. In this article we will be reviewing how to create an attaching formation on Football Manager.

There are several key areas you need to review when trying to make an attacking formation.

Do You Have Good Players In Your Team?

Players - You need to make sure you have good enough players in your team to be able to play attacking football. Let’s face it if you don’t have very good attacking players then you are going to struggle to score goals. You will either need to buy in new players to make your team better or you will need to develop a tactic to work with the players you currently have in your team.

I would firstly advise to take a look at the attributes of your players; do you have some players who are good at crossing the ball? Do you have some players with good pace and acceleration? Or do you have any players with good passing and vision attributes? When you know the answers to these questions you can start to put together a tactic for your team.

Do You Know How You Want To Attack?

How will your team attack - after you know the better attributes of your players and you know how best you want to attack you need to then start making a formation. Let’s pretend you have a full back that has a good crossing attribute. Is it going to be a good idea for him to cross the ball often? Of course it is! Your winger, who might have good pace and good dribbling skills, is it going to be a good idea for him to run with the ball often. Yet again, of course it is! You can see the pattern here. Although you might not have the best players in the world, you need to review a players better attributes and then build a tactic to make the most of his strengths.

What Shape Will Your Tactic Be?

Shape - the shape of your formation will be vital. It does not matter too much what formation you use. You will have success with a 4-4-2 a 3-4-4 - pretty much any tactic will be successful so long as you think about how your team will be defending and how they will be attacking. You need to make sure your players are not being too attacking and then you are being caught on the counter attack. Likewise you need to make sure that if you are attacking that you actually have enough players going forward to be able to launch decent attacks.

Have A Back Up Plan

Have a plan in mind - you need to think about how your team will attack. So I mentioned earlier you might have a fullback who is good at crossing. How will you make sure he gets the ball and how will you make sure he gets enough space to cross the ball. You could make sure you are passing the ball down the flank that the full back is playing down and you could also use an inside forward who might draw in the opposition full backs to make some room for your full back to get crosses in.

What if the other team decide to mark your full back and he is having no luck in crossing the ball? How else will you attack? You need to have at least three different options for how you think you will score most of your goals. This way if one of the methods you are trying to use to score goals is not working, you can change to one of the other methods you have thought of and see if it works a different way.,

Making an attacking formation on Football Manager does not need to be difficult. You just need to make a formation that suites the players you have at your club (or players you might bring into the club). You need to think about how to attack (and have at least three different ideas on how to attack). You need to also look at the key attributes of your players to make sure you are making the most out of what you do have.

Football Manager Making The Most of Center Backs


Football Manager Making The Most of Center Backs

What are the best attributes for center backs on football manager?

Center Back Key Responsibilities

Your center backs will have key responsibilities on the field of play. I will list some of the key responsibilities below.

Winning headers - Although not many teams play with long ball tactics these days, your defenders will need to be good in the air and they need to be winning a lot of headers. The traditional target man striker, in the mould of a Drogba is slowly being replaced by smaller, more skillful strikers, like Agüero. You can expect there to be crosses coming in from wingers on the opposition team, so your defenders need to deal with this efficiently.

Positional awareness - The sign of a great center back is someone who is in the right place at the right time. Many great defenders, like John Terry and Rio Ferdinand had/have great positional awareness and they are able to be in the right place to make sure they are able to make a tackle, win a header or make an important interception.

Marking - Your center backs will be expected to mark players on the other team. The movement of other players will vary, so your defenders need to be good at anticipating striker movements and they will need to be able to make good decisions. If you give the job of marking an opposition player, you need to make sure it does not pull your player out of position and that he is keeping your defensive structure solid.

Most Important Attributes For Center Backs

It is important for center backs to have some important attributes. Generally center backs are taller, they need to be brave for winning headers and going into tackles also.

Heading - In line with the key responsibilities above, heading is one of the first attributes I will look for when finding the best center backs on football manager. Make sure you look at the height of a players, his strength and his jumping reach also.

Marking - Generally I do not make my center backs mark specific players unless a player is causing me havoc, but if you do give a defender a job of marking a player he needs to be strong in this area. Taking into consideration a defenders positional attribute and his anticipation attribute will be key also.

Strength - When it comes to center backs, there can almost be nothing worse than a weak center back. If your player is going into tackles and they are being knocked over then this can cause you all sorts of defensive issues. For me strength is one of the key attributes for a center back. It might also be worth checking out a center backs stamina and pace to make sure they can keep up with play.

Positioning - I also like to make sure this attribute is high for my defenders. The positioning attributes accounts for what position a player will be when defending. For information the off the ball attribute is for when players are attacking and the positions they might be in.

Composure - Being able to keep cool under pressure and making sure that if the player has the ball at their feet, then can keep composed. This is where the composure attribute kicks in. The ability not to panic is key for defenders when they are under pressure and the composure attribute will determine how well a player copes with being under pressure. A player with lower composure might lose the ball more often and make more mistakes when under pressure. The anticipation and decision making attributes will be strongly linked with the composure attribute.

Key Stats For Center Backs

When trying to find good center backs for your team, or for accessing players that you already have. I will always look at some key stats to make sure my defenders are performing to a good level.

Headers won ratio - How many headers are your center backs winning when they go into a header? This is a very key stat for me, you might be surprised in some instances, for example if you don't have a tall defender but he is winning a lot of headers then you might not need to worry about replacing him for a bigger center back. Its always important to find out what is making your center back win a lot of headers or what is not allowing them to win headers they go in for.

Tackles won ratio - It is vital for defenders to win tackles, if they commit to making a tackle, then they should be winning their fair share of them. You might want to look at a defenders bravery, aggression and strength if they are not making too many tackles or not winning many that they are going into. I would be more interested in seeing the total number of tackles made verses the percentage of tackles won.

Interceptions made - if you have players who have good positioning then they are likely to be able to make more interceptions. The anticipation attribute will also play a part in the number of interceptions made. If your defenders are making interceptions it means they have been able to read the game well enough to cut out a through ball. The total number of interceptions is the thing to review here.

Mistakes - Generally younger players will make a lot of mistakes, which is why I tend to not use really young defenders if I can help it. Clearly you don't want your defenders to be making a lot of mistakes so if they are making mistakes you need to discover if its your tactics that are causing the mistakes or if the player is just not very good.

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3 Tips For Increasing Player Value On Football Manager


Football Manager - How To Increase Player Value

How to increase player value on Football Manager
Best ways increase player value on Football Manager
When playing football manager and building your squad, one area that can indicate the success of your club is the value of the players. Eventually when you get further into the game you can look to develop a pattern where you are selling players for a profit and then investing money made back into other players. When I play football manager, I often like to find cheaper players to develop. Once you develop players you can often sell them for good profits.

What Type Of Player Do You Need To Find?

When looking for players to develop and sell on for a profit, there will be key areas and types of players you need to look for. We will review some of the important items below.

Player age – It is important to find players under the age of 23. As a player gets older, once he has passed his prime, his value will decrease. If a player is over the age of 23 and you can sign him on a free transfer or for a cheap price, then it could be worth signing him, but its easier with players under the age of 23.

Player injury proneness – I highly recommend that you get a full scout report on any player you plan to buy. You need to make sure they can spend as much time on the pitch as possible. If you have a player who is injury prone, the chances are you will not be able to keep the player on the pitch that often. As a result his value will not increase.

Performance - When you are looking for players to buy, make sure they have a decent average rating and that they can perform at a high level. When a player is playing better, his value will increase. Make sure you are looking at key stats when finding players to buy. Tackles per 90 mins, shots on target % and ratio of headers won are some of the key stats I try to review when signing players for my teams.

Player potential – When you sign a player you need to make sure that eventually he can be better or at least on par with the players you currently have at your club. Again make sure you are getting full scout reports to make sure you get a good understanding on the players potential. When you do find a player with good potential, I would recommend you only sign players who have at least 2 star current ability, so they need to be useful for your first team squad. The worst thing to do is to sign young players and then have them sitting around for a few years to hope they develop.

You need to sign young players good enough to play for your first team from the off. I find that players who are classed as useful for your first team should be good enough so you can play them as often as they can.

How Do You Increase Player Value On Football Manager?

So you have signed a player under the age of 23 and you are happy he is not injury prone and that he can do a job for your first team from the day you sign him. So how do you make sure his value is as high as it can be?

Player contract – You need to ensure that players you are developing under the age of 23 have a contract that is at least 3 years in length. You need to make sure that the player is on a longer contract so you have time to develop him to keep his value up.

Game time – In order for a players value to increase you need to ensure you are playing him often in your first team. Remember to increase value you need to show that a player is valuable. This cant be done if he is just sitting in your youth team and not getting good experience for your first team.

Develop the player - This might sound simple but you will need to develop the player, I have a triangle of things I use to develop players, tutoring, training and game time. If you focus on these 3 things then your player should develop further.

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Football Manager: Do You Know How The Player Star Ratings Are Decided?


Football Manager: How Are Player Star Ratings Decided?

When playing Football Manager, you will notice that players will have a star rating. This is scored out of a maximum of 5 stars. With five stars being the highest and one star being the lowest. The star ratings will be important in helping you to decide if you should sign a particular player or who you might pick on match day. Sports Interactive have confirmed that there are a number of items taken into consideration when it comes to player star ratings.

What Are The Football Manager Star Ratings Dependant On?

  • The reputation of the club - If you manage a team like Manchester United, you will often hear people making comments like "He is not a United player.". The reputation of your club can increase or decrease a players reputation. The term "Big fish in a small pond." is also another phrase often used in football.
  • The reputation of the league/competition the team is playing in - We all know that leagues such as the Premier League and La Liga are of a higher quality than leagues such as the Welsh Premier League. No offence the Welsh Premier League. Quite often, if a player is the star player in one league, if he moves to a harder league or where the reputation of his new league is higher, then the players star rating will drop.
  • The ability of the players already in your current squad - If you have a player in your team who is miles better than everyone else (think Messi at Barcelona). Then this can drop the star rating of all other players in your team. Other players in your team will be compared to the best player in your team and if the best player in your team is world class, then other players might not be close to his standard.
  • The ability of your scout/coach in being able to read Current and Potential Ability - If your coaches and scouts have lower attributes in scouting current and potential ability, this will effect the knowledge you have of players and this can really confuse matters when it comes to star ratings. If you have a scout with excellent attributes in scouting current and potential ability, its worth listening to him rather than others at your club.
  • The ability of the player - How good is the player? If you have a player who is quality then expect his star rating to be higher. If you have a player who is not too good, expect the star rating to be lower. It works as simple as this.

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids


Best Football Manager 2017 Wonderkids

When playing football manager 2017, one of the best ways to play the game is to try and sign as many of the best young players that you can buy. On football manager, young players who are very good are called wonderkids.

Most of the time when a player is about the age of 20, he can get the description of "wonderkid" if he is good enough. Players who are very good and are around the age of about 16-18ish will usually have a description of "promising...[player position]" This is a good thing to look out for when trying to find great young players for your football manager team.

Should You Loan Out Youth Players On Football Manager?

One of the key aspects to developing youth players on football manager 2017 is to give them as much game time as possible. In an ideal world you would be giving promising youth players game time within your first team. This is not always possible though. The need to win in football will be a constant thought when deciding which team you select for each match you play. If you are playing as a top club, then you will usually have an under 18s team and some form of reserve team. Your players are able to play in these teams to gain first team football, but its not as good as playing in competitive league games. There are several aspects to think about when loaning out younger players:
  • How are the facilities of the club you are loaning your player to? Are they good enough to help your player develop?
  • Will he be a first team regular? If your young player will not be starting every game while on loan, do not loan him.
  • Is the manager of the team you are loaning your player to good at working with youth players? You need to review the clubs manager to make sure he is suitable to work with your youth players and to develop them as much as possible.
  • Is the league your player is playing in good for his development? Your youth player will need to be playing in a league that will challenge him, so make sure you look at his coach report to find his current level.
I am going to be adding to this list as I go, but please do check out the players below to see how good they are:

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Goalkeepers

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma
Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma

Name Age Club
Yehvann Diouf 16 Troyes
Garissone Innocent 16 Paris St Germain
Will-Cesaire Matimbu 16 Paris St Germain
Jonathan De Bie 16 Tottenham
Yanis Hénin 16 AS Monaco
Gianluigi Donnarumma 17 AC Milan
Darío Ramos 16 Real Madrid
Alessandro Plizzari 16 AC Milan
Simone Ghidotti 16 Fiorentina
Niels van Hooff 16 Vitesse
Franco Petroli 18 River
Jurrian Jouvenaar 17 ADO Den Haag
Lucas Derks 15 PSV
Maarten Paes 16 N.E.C
Fabian de Keijzer 16 FC Utrecht
Christian Früchtl 16 Bayern
Marian Prinz 16 Leverkusen
Tomasz Kucz 16 Leverkusen
Bartlomiej Dragowski 18 Fiorentina

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Defenders

Name Age Club
Felix Passlack 18 Dortmund
Dayot Upamecano 17 FC Red Bull Salzburg
Deyovaisio Zeefuik 18 Ajax
Josh Tymon 17 Hull
Edoardo Bianchi 17 Empoli
Lee O'Connor 15 Man United
Junior van der Velden 17 FC Utrecht
Giovanni Troupée 18 FC Utrecht
Julian Lelieveld 18 Vitesse
Jelle de Lange 18 FC Utrecht
Alexander Nitzl 15 Bayern
Lukas Mai 16 Bayern
Cameron Humphreys 17 Man City
Edwin Lara 16 Pachuca
Saúl Salcedo 18 Olimpoa
Toni Lato 18 Valencia
Yann Valery 17 Southampton
Christoph Klarer 16 Southampton
Jake Vokins 16 Southampton
Achraf 17 Real Madrid B
Manu 17 Real Madrid B
Patrick Fritsch 17 Dortmund
Florian Baak 17 Hertha

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Midfielders

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Midfielder Ramadan Sobhi
Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Midfielder Ramadan Sobhi

Name Age Club
Mason Mount 17 Chelsea
Christian Pulisic 17 Dortmund
Kristoffer Ajer 18 Celtic
Jeff Reine-Adelaide 18 Arsenal
João Félix 16 SLB
Salih Özcan 18 Koln
Timothy Fosu-Mensah 18 Manchester United
Josip Brekalo 18 Wolfsburg
Orel Mangala 18 Dortmund
Juan Castillo 16 Chelsea
Gonzalo Maroni 17 Boca
Andrés Cubas 20 Boca
Valentín Matlis 16 River
Millen Baars 16 Ajax
Renato Sanches 18 Bayern
Emre Mor 18 Dortmund
Ramadan Sobhi 18 Stoke
Manu Morlanes 17 Villarreal
Fran Garcia 16 Real Madrid
Filippo Melegoni 17 Atalanta
Che Nunnely 17 Ajax
Weston McKennie 17 Gelsenkirchen
Maximilian Meyer 20 Gelsenkirchen
Panos Armenakas 17 Udinese
Xaver Schlager 18 Red Bull Salzburg
Romano Schmid 16 Sturm Graz
Mohamed Loua 16 Anderlecht
Dante Rigo 17 PSV
Joachim Carcela 16 Anderlecht
Isaac Matondo 16 Club Brugge
Noah Fadiga 16 Club Brugge
Younes Bakkioui 16 Club Brugge
Simon Paulet 16 Club Brugge
Reçep Turman 15 KRC Genk
Héctor González 16 Cruz Azul
Jesús Marimón 17 Once Caldas
Juan Valencia 17 Cortulua
Leonardo Fernández 17 Fenix
Pablo Garcia 17 Liverpool de Montevideo
Yerko Leiva 17 Universidad de Chile
Nicolás Delgadillo 18 Velez
Juan Pintado 18 Club Atlético Juventud

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Strikers

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Striker Nicolas Schiappacasse
Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Striker Nicolas Schiappacasse

Name Age Club
Marcus Rashford 18 Man United
Tammy Abraham 18 Chelsea
Lautaro Martínez 18 Racing Club
Franco López 18 River
Luka Jovic 18 SLB
Maximiliano Romero 17 Velez
Nicolás Schiappacasse 17 Athletico Madrid
Yann Karamoh 17 Stade Malherbe Caen
Gianluca Simeone 17 River
Timothy Weah 16 PSG
Leandro Spadacio 16 FLU
Arthur 17 SAN
André 16 SAN
Nicolas 17 SAN
Vitinho 16 COR
Alerrandro 16 ATM
Paulo Henrique 15 VDG
Ribamar 19 Munchen Lions
Thomas Buitink 16 Vitesse
Richairo Zivkovic 19 Ajax
Juan José Calero 17 Pachuca
Météhan Guclu 17 PSG
Ilyas Bircan 16 Hannover
Andrea Pinamonti 17 Inter Milan
Rafa Mújica 17 Barcelona B
Jannik Mause 17 Mainz
Breel Embolo 19 Gelsenkirchen
Florian Krüger 17 Gelsenkirchen