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FM17 Youth Academy Challenge
FM17 Youth Academy Challenge
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Football Manager Guide: Data Analysts & Sport Scientists


Football Manager Guide: Data Analysts & Sport Scientists

The release of Football Manager 2017 (FM17) introduced a few additional staff roles. Data Analysts and Sport Scientists. It has not been too clear on exactly how these members of staff would help you as a manager, but I have been digging around to try and find out some information on Data Analysts and Sport Scientists.

So lets get started.

What does a Sport Scientist do on football manager?

Many of the moderators on the official Sigames Football Manager forum have said that the Sport Scientist "... help stop the frequency of certain types of injuries and can help with players recovery.".

Making sure your players can return to full fitness after games will be key if you want to keep a structured team. It will be important to make sure that you are not training your players to hard and also making sure that you do rotate certain players. Having a Sport Scientist around to make sure your players are match ready is a nice thing to have, although this staff role is not likely to be essential.

Many people have asked the question: What attributes are key for a Sport Scientist on Football Manager?

Again, I have searched around for an answer to this question.

The answer is simple. The fitness attribute is the only attribute you need to pay attention to for the Sports Scientist on Football Manager.

Lets move on to the Data Analysts.

What does a Data Analyst do on Football Manager?

The Data Analyst provides you with a pre and post match news item that contains analysis info. You will be able to have access to things such as heat maps, passing analysis, and mistakes. It can often be difficult, especially for new players, so see where your team needs to improve or where you are making mistakes. Having a data analyst providing different sorts of information should be helpful for some people.

On Football Manager 2017 it has been reported that there are no specific attributes that are important for this staff role and that reports do not vary.

If you do hire a data analyst for your club, I would recommend you just find someone with very low wages.

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FM17 Youth Academy Challenge - Tandragee - First Season Review


FM17 Youth Academy Challenge - Tandragee - First Season Review

In the previous update on our Tandragee story we reviewed the first win of the season. In this update we are going to be fast forwarding to the end of the first season.

So how did it go?

Well I am pleased to say we managed to survive our first season and we did not get relegated. Although at some stages we did go very close to getting relegated.

FM 2017 Youth Academy Challenge - End of Season 1
FM 2017 Youth Academy Challenge - End of Season 1
I managed to complete the National C coaching qualification, which does have a big impact on my attributes. I have started to work on the National B coaching award also.

Working on coaching badges fm 2017
Working on coaching badges fm 2017
It is very important to make sure you do your coaching badges if you want to improve your attributes as a manager and offer your team better coaching.

When you are on a tight budget, if you improve yourself as a coach, this can mean you are able to coach and train your players to a better standard.

The most important part of the youth academy challenge is the youth intake you get every season.

Review of the first youth intake

So how was the first intake I received through my academy?

Season 1 Youth Intake FM 2017
Season 1 Youth Intake FM 2017
To be honest I was pretty pleased with the players we managed to get through. We really needed a goalkeeper, which we managed to get.

The players potential is very high as the players we have in our first team are not very good. Remember that when you are checking out current and potential ability the star ratings are compared to players you have in your first team squad.

How will I develop these players?

It will be important to make sure any youth players we get through are good enough for the first team. I will leave most of the young players in the development squad to get some time to develop and to play games at the under 18 level.

I will be trying to tutor the players (although I don't have a great deal of tutors at the moment). I will be working on their training schedules. Its going to be important to work on their physical attributes and the key attributes for the role I want to play them in.

I will move some of the better youth players into my first team. These players will develop quicker, but I don't want to have to many of them in my first team as they are only 16-17, so they will be inconsistent.

As the idea of the youth academy challenge is to not sign any players at all, here is a screenshot of the transfers for the first season:

1st season transfers
1st season transfers
In terms of developments for next season, it will be vital to make sure we keep the more experienced players in the squad. This will not be an easy task, but I need to keep the more experienced players around long enough so I can try to develop some of the younger players. Once the first batch of academy players get to the age of about 20+ then we can look to just increase the quality we have in the squad.

Next season is all about survival, but season three I will be looking to gain promotion if we can. We need to push the club on to try and earn more money so we can invest that into the facilities of the club. It will be a very long process considering that in Northern Ireland the money is not going to be very good. The only way we will really make any money is to try and get into the Europa cup. A decent tie in the qualifying round would be great in terms of making money.

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FM17 Youth Academy Challenge - Tandragee - First Win


FM17 Youth Academy Challenge - Tandragee - First Win

Which ever team you manage on Football Manager it is always important to get off to a good start. This is especially important when undertaking a challenge like the Youth Academy Challenge.

As the team you will be managing are likely to struggle at the beginning, it is important to have a good start so that for the first season you can just survive and then build from there.

During pre-season the below happened.
I have finished pre-season and we are playing our first few league games. I am pleased to say we have had our first win. This came against Donegal Celtic at home in a 2-0 win. Two goals from Aaron Gallagher secured the win. To be honest we deserved it. We had 20 shots and 10 on target.

Of course it is early days in the league and this is going to be a massive struggle, but needless to say I am happy to get a win under my belt early doors.

Gallagher is 34 years old and if I am being totally honest with myself, he is rubbish. Even though he managed to get two goals in this game, I will be very lucky if he gets 10 for the season. I do hope I get to look back on this post though and say I was wrong about him. Heres hoping.

In other news, I had highlighted we were lacking in left backs at the club. I say lacking. We literally have two. One of them being 44 years old. In a stroke of very bad luck, one of my left backs picked up an injury for three months. I will just say it was not the 44 year old. This leaves me with one left back who is 44 years old. I will need to see how he gets on. My tactics will be for him to never dribble with the ball, play simple passes and to just defend. I hope he will not be a total weak link, but to have a 44 year old at left back is pretty desperate to say the least.

In a bid to try and improve my attributes. They are currently all pretty much at one. I have sent myself on a coaching course. This is going to set the club back a massive £600. Lets hope I can do well on this and that my attributes increase as a result of this. Going on coaching courses is the quickest way to improve your attributes as a manager. The trouble being that when a member of a coaching team is on a course he is not able to be at the club, so you lose that coach. Although this is far from ideal, I have decided for the long term this is going to be the best thing to do. If I can make myself a better coach, then this might help our players develop quicker.

I must say that I am pleased with my first win, but do realise this is going to be a tough challenge.

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Ultimate List: Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players


Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players

Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players

You may be asking yourself:

Who are the best fm 2017 cheap players?

Lets face it:

When playing football manager 2017 there is no better feeling than finding a bargain player to sign and then getting him into your squad.

Where can you find cheap fm 2017 players?

Well you can of course use the player search function that is on the game, or you can use the ready made list below.

What players are on the list?

I have tried to include as many players that play in different positions as possible. I have tried to find young cheap players also, so that you will have a chance to develop them yourself.

If you are finding it difficult on football manager to find good cheap players, I would recommend you do the following.
  • Try to look at nations where you do not expect the players values to be high. English, Brazilian and Italian players are generally over priced. Look for players in Eastern Europe or Scandinavia for cheaper options.
  • Develop a scouting network in areas where you are more likely to find cheaper players. You should try to get scouts with good scouting knowledge of areas where cheaper players can be found.
  • Look for players on the player search screen. You can also just use the old fashioned method to find cheaper players by finding players that are under a certain value.

The list of Football Manager 2017 Cheap Players

Cheap FM 2017 Goalkeepers:

Tomas Koubek
Lovre Kalinic
Bingourou Kamara
Timo Horn
Mile Svilar
Christian Fruchtl
Frederik Ronnow
Predrag Rajkovic
Carlos Kameni

Cheap FM 2017 Defenders:

Stipe Vucur
Pedro Henrique
Frederico Venancio
Neven Subotic
Dayot Upamecano
Serdar Aziz
Adam Tzanetopoulos
Bailey Wright
Florentin Pogba
Luca Caldirola
Nicolas Tagliafico
Bartosz Salamon
Ruben Duarte
Pol Lirola
Jack Stephens

Cheap FM 2017 Midfielders:

William Kvist
Jonathan dos Santos
Andrea Poli
Odil Ahmedov
Ludwig Augustinsson
Fede Cartabia
Rafik Zekhnini

Cheap FM 2017 Strikers:

Jaime Ayovi
Ante Budimir
Facundo Colidio
Andreas Cornelius
Angelo Henriquez
Moussa Konate
Maximiliano Romero
Sebastian Driussi

Lets Learn: Best Preferred Moves For A Striker On FM17


FM17 Guide: Best Preferred Moves For A Striker

You might be wondering:

I have a great striker on football manager, but I do not have a clue what would be the best preferred moves to teach him.

Well fear not.

In this article we are going to review the best preferred moves for a striker on football manager.

Before we start this though...

Just what the hell is a preferred move and why does my striker need one?

Well let me tell you.

A preferred move is what a football player likes doing on the pitch.

football manager 2017 Romelu Lukaku
Football Manager 2017 Romelu Lukaku
An example:
  • Messi likes to run with the ball often.
  • Lee Cattermole likes to dive into tackles.
Player preferred moves or PPMs for short CAN be a good thing for your player to have, only if he has the attributes to back it up.

Let me explain.

If you have a striker who has an attribute of 7 for long shots, is it going to be a good idea for him to shoot from distance?


Now lets say you have that same striker and he has a long shot attribute of 19. Could it be a good idea for him to shoot from distance?

Of course it is!

If you are looking for the best preferred moves for your striker on football manager, you MUST review his attributes.

Its that simple.

What do I do to pick a preferred move for my strikers?

I will break it down.

I firstly will check out my strikers best attributes and make a note of them.


I will think about how I want to set up my tactics.

Lets say I have a very creative midfielder who is great at making killer balls and that I have a striker who is fast. What would be a good combo for this?

Football Manager 2017 Gonzalo Higuaín
Football Manager 2017 Gonzalo Higuaín
You guessed correct. My midfielder should be playing killer balls through to my fast striker.

So what preferred moves would I teach my fast striker? Likes to beat offside trap would be a good option.

...And what would you like to happen when your striker gets the ball?

If he is good at dribbling with the ball, could it be a good idea to use his pace and knock the ball past opponent?

How good is the players finishing?

How do you want him to shoot? - If his finishing attribute is high and he has good technique, then could it be a good idea to place shots?

You need to picture in your head how you want to attack and what YOU want to happen on the pitch.

Another example:

You have a good winger who is good at crossing. And you have a striker who is strong, good in the air and is good at heading.

What would you do here?

I know what I would be doing. Get the crosses in for the powerful striker. You might want to float crosses so your striker has time to get into position to head the ball.

You will want him to get into the opposition area. So give him that preferred move.

It's difficult for me to give you a one size fits all for every striker on football manager.

But think about it:

How hard is it to just check out the best attributes of your striker. Think about how you want to play and then think about what preferred moves would be best for your striker.

It's not very in all honesty. help you, these are all the player traits a player can have on FM17:

Football Manager 2017 Preferred MovesFootball Manager 2017 Preferred MovesFootball Manager 2017 Preferred Moves

Take a look at the list and just think about the above.