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Football Manager 2015 Tutoring Guide

Football Manager 2015 Tutoring

This football manager 2015 article will provide guidance on tutoring. An important part of developing youth players, you need to ensure as a manager, you are setting up tutoring, so it will be a benefit to your younger players and your more experienced players.

What is tutoring?

A good place to start. What is tutoring? - In its most basic form, tutoring is where a more experienced player will try and pass on his personality, preferred moves, media handling style and determination attribute to a younger, less experienced player.

What players can be tutored?

The idea behind tutoring is that younger players can learn from more experienced players, players need to be 23 years old and younger to be tutored.

What players can be the tutor?

To be a tutor, the player needs to be over the age of 23, they need to be older than the person they are tutoring and they need to have a better reputation than the person they are going to be tutoring. Also their position needs to be similar, there is no point, as an example of John Terry tutoring someone like Eden Hazard as they dont play in the same position, in real life, John Terry would tutor someone like Kurt Zouma, a 20 year old central defender.

What are be benefits of tutoring?

There are a number of benefits to tutoring, I will list the main points below.

1. Your youth players will benefit by developing their personalities, the key is to give your youth player a better personality, so they are more inclined to learn quicker, personality attributes such as model professional, professional, spirited and resolute are the personality types that I try and work towards all of my players having.

2. The determination attribute of your tutee will increase or decrease depending on the attribute of your tutor. It is always a good idea to pick a tutor who has a higher determination attribute than your tutee. Usually the player that is being tutored will increase their determination attribute to the level of the tutor, or get as close to it depending on how the tutoring goes.

3. Players will learn Player Preferred Moves (PPM's), you need to be careful when selecting a tutor that your players do not pick up negative PPM's such as "argues with officials". There are great benefits that can be had though, if you have a player with a good long shots attribute, if he has the PPM of "shoots from distance", this can be a great PPM to have. Make sure you watch for your tutors PPM's before selecting a player to be selected as a tutor.

4. Your more experienced player will usually have an increase in morale, experienced players in general will enjoy tutoring younger players and this will be a benefit.

5. Relationships will be built within your squad, usually if a tutoring session goes well then the players could have each other listed as favored personal, this of course is a great thing to have in your team, if players get on better then there will be more understanding between the players.

How do you set up tutoring?

To set up tutoring, you can have a private chat with players and then request that one player be tutored by another. You can also go to the training development screen and then you will see up-to 3 other players that your young player can be tutored by. I do prefer this method as it allows you the chance to go through all the people and then select the best one.

What can you expect from tutoring?

When players are tutored the following will happen:

1. You should see your youth players personality change, remember you want your players to have good personalities such as professional or spirited.

2. The players determination attribute will also increase, this is all dependent on the attribute skill of the person tutoring the person and how well they get on during the process.

3. You youth player might learn PPMs, as discussed earlier, you need to be very careful about this.

4. The players will build relationships with each other, which will have a positive effect on the "squad harmony".

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