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4 Tips FM 2015 improving match fitness


FM 2015 improving match fitness GUIDE

football manager 2015 match fitness
football manager 2015 match fitness

If you are finding that the match fitness of your players on football manager 2015 is not as good as you would like it to be, try and follow these 4 tips to see if this can help improve the fitness of the players. You will notice that match fitness will be at its lowest before the start of the new season and when a player is returning from injury.

I will focus on 4 areas. These tips will help you on how to get players match fit.

Squad rotation

With the modern game the fixture list can get very busy at times, it’s not always possible, but do try and have as much cover for every squad position that you can. This is much easier when you are playing as a bigger club, with more money, but it’s still an important thing to think about when building your squad on FM 2015.

Rotate your players as much as possible, if a player is tired; leave him out of your match day squad. He might be a key player to you but for the sake of just one or two games rest, it’s worth leaving him out rather than risk injury.


On football manager 2015 the training section allows you to provide rest to your players before and after match days, if you have a busy run of games coming up then it might be a good idea to review this aspect of your teams training and see if you need to make changes.

Never rush a player back from injury, make sure they are in a good condition to play football. Generally I will not start a player for a game if he is under 90% condition. If he is lower than this, then he can be on the bench and be brought on at the end of a game.

Game time

Game time is vital when it comes to match fitness, the more game time that your player manages to get the better his fitness will be. You do need to think about a few things, I will list these below.

Make sure if your player is in good enough condition to play in a game that he is, whether that be for your under 21 team or under 18s. Be sure to keep your players playing, it’s no good having them sit around doing nothing!

If you can afford to have a player on the bench who is not match fit, try and bring them on for 20 mins at the end of a game, this can really help.

During the pre-season, it’s a very good idea to organise about 6-8 games for your squad. I would also back this up by having just the same amount of friendlies organised for your under 21 team. Make any player who can play in these games available. If your reserve team is not playing for a few weeks, it’s very important to organise some friendly’s against some local teams, your reserve team should beat the nearby team they play against, it will help with morale and match fitness for your players at the same time.

football manager 2015 match fitness injuries
football manager 2015 match fitness injuries
If your players are getting injured a lot, you need to have a look why, is their training schedule too high or are they just injury prone? It’s important when signing a new player for your squad that you get your scouts opinion on their injury proneness, if a player gets injured a lot, then this may convince you not to sign a player. You can always take a look at their history and see if they have had lots of injuries over a long period of time.

Always be sure not to play any player who is injured or who is tired. It really is not worth the risk, especially when the player is coming back from a more long term injury.

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