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How Do You Score More Goals In Football Manager?


QUESTION: How To Score More Goals In Football Manager

Whatever team you are managing on Football Manager, you will want to try and score alot of goals, not only is it more entertaining for you as a manager, but you clearly have a better chance of winning more games if you are scoring more goals. This article will explain three areas you can review to try and score more goals when playing Football Manager.

Go more attacking - This may sound very simple but sometimes just tweaking your tactics to go more attacking can have a massive impact on how many goals your team can score. If you go to a more attacking mentality or go more fluid, this can help open your team up and they will be more likely to push forward to try and score. You do need to be careful though with changing your team mentality and shape. You need to experiment with how to change this. I will often leave my team mentality on controlled or standard and then change my structure to be fluid if I want to push forward a little bit more. Make sure you watch a full game via the match engine to see how the changes effect your team shape and player positions.

Think about how you build up attacks - It is important to makes sure you are making the most of the types of players you have in your team. Think about how West Brom attack compared to say Arsenal or Liverpool. All of these teams are well established in the Premier League, but they attack based upon the players they have in their squad. It is important to know your players well and how to get the best out of them. If you have a full back or winger who is good at crossing, then get crosses in. If you have a pacy striker (like Vardy), then you might want him to run onto the ball. You need to have a game plan in mind for how you want to attack and then think of the best way to make that attacking style happen.

Add PPMs to certain players - It is possible on football manager to add player preferred moves - these are things that the player likes to do or will do more of. This can be things like dribbling more, curling shots, trying long shots more often etc. So when it comes to scoring more goals on football manager, I would strongly advise to add PPMs that will influence how your team attacks/creates chances. I am playing with a 3-5-2 formation at the moment and I like one of my central midfielders to bomb forward as much as possible. I have trained him with the PPM of "gets forward when possible" and I am also thinking about giving him the PPM of "gets into opposition area". I am only thinking about this at the moment as he has long shots of 14, so I want him to get forward, but as he is good at taking long shots, I want him outside the area.

For strikers, I like to give them PPMs of places shots or if they are good at long shots then you can go down the route of giving them the PPMs "shoots from distance", "shoots with power" and "curls ball" - make sure your player has good technique if he is going to be curling the ball.

For your midfielders you might want to look for PPMs like "trys killer balls often" - this is one of my favourite player preferred moves and if you have a decent player who is capable of this then it can be very helpful for your team and scoring more goals.

football manager how to score more goals

However you decide its best for your team to score more goals, it is important you know the players at your club and how you can get the best out of them. I recently had my wingbacks playing really wide to try and get more crosses into the box. After watching them closely on the match engine, I tried to get them to sit narrower to be involved more with the build-up play - it also meant I could get them to put in lower crosses to my striker. The results of this have changed my whole season around, we are scoring goals for fun and are currently 2nd in the league.