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5 Steps to analysing team performance on FM 2016


5 Steps to analysing team performance on FM 2016

Steps to analysing team performance on FM 2016
How do you analyse team performances on football manager 2016?
One of the new features on football manager 2016 is the introduction of Prozone. Prozone work with clubs such as Chelsea and Arsenal to provide data which will help teams get an insight into their performance on the pitch and Prozone aim to provide details which actually have an on-field impact.

The secret to making sure you have a successful team on FM 2016, is to understand the weaknesses in your teams tactics and where you can improve your tactics. So how do you do this?

Watch full games - The first step to reviewing your team performance is to watch full 3D games. If you watch a full game, you will be able to review how your team defends and attacks. If you notice that the opposition team are attacking in a certain way, then you can look to make changes. For example if you find they are getting a lot of crosses in from the right hand side, then you might look to make your left full back more defensive, or try to get a winger to support him. When you do review games, I would suggest to review a minimum of 5. This way you can find patterns in play, both with how you attack and defend.

Review player statistics - There are many statistics that you can review on football manager 2016 and this can be a bit over whelming on which ones to review. There are a few key areas I tend to review. For defenders I will review the number of interceptions, header % won and tackle % won. For midfielders, I will review interceptions, key passes and tackle % won. For strikers I will review the % of shots on target, where they are shooting from and how many shots they are having.

For all players I will review their passes completed percentage and I will always review the crosses completed percentage.

Make small changes as you go - I mentioned earlier to watch a minimum of 5 games, when you initially set up your tactics, it is a good idea to leave the tactics as they are for 3 games, unless something is very obvious it needs to be changed. In the 4-5th games, you can start to make bigger changes to player roles and their positions on the field. Its not a good idea to just watch one game and then start making lots of changes, the players need time to learn the tactics you have set for them. Make small changes and then see how it works out.

Decide what is important to you - Everyone playing football manager will have different things they deem to be important. Personally I put a lot of importance on not giving the ball away and making sure that my players are getting alot of chances, clear cut chances to be exact. I will review these statistics and then decide how I can increase how my team performs in these areas.

Keep reviewing - The final step is to keep reviewing how your team is performing, you need to be able to check if the changes you are making have had an effect.