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5 Tips for Loaning Out Players on Football Manager


In the world of football management, loaning out players can be a valuable strategy for player development and financial management. Football Manager offers a realistic simulation of this process, allowing you to send your talents to other clubs to gain experience and improve their skills. However, successful loan deals require careful planning and execution. In this article, we'll explore five essential tips to ensure your players benefit from loan spells in Football Manager.

Choose the Right Destination:

One of the most critical aspects of a successful loan deal is selecting the right destination for your player. Consider the following factors:

Playing Time: Ensure the loaned player has a good chance of regular first-team action. Look at the current squad and assess if your player fits into the starting lineup or can at least be a valuable squad rotation option.

Playing Style: Find a club that plays a style of football that aligns with your player's strengths and preferred position. If your player is an attacking midfielder, a club that focuses on possession-based football may be ideal.

Development Focus: Some clubs prioritize player development more than others. Look for clubs with strong youth academies or a history of nurturing young talents.

Monitor Progress Closely:

Loaning out a player doesn't mean you can forget about their progress. Keep a close eye on your loaned players by checking their performances, match reports, and statistics. Pay attention to their average ratings, goals, assists, and other relevant data.

Communication and Feedback: Stay in touch with the loaned player through regular player conversations. Provide constructive feedback after matches and praise them for good performances. This can boost their morale and development during the loan spell.

Include Clauses in the Loan Agreement: When negotiating loan deals, consider adding clauses to protect your interests and the player's development.

Playing Time Clause: Include a clause that ensures your player gets a certain amount of playing time over the loan duration.

Recall Clause: In case of emergencies or if the player's development stalls, include a recall option to bring them back to your club.

Monthly Wage Contributions: Negotiate with the borrowing club to cover a portion of your player's wages to save on costs.

Evaluate and Reassess: Regularly evaluate the loaned player's progress and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Mid-Season Assessment: Around the midway point of the loan spell, assess whether the player is meeting your expectations. If not, consider terminating the loan or seeking a different loan destination.

Post-Loan Integration: When the loan spell ends, evaluate whether the player is ready to return to your first team or if another loan spell or sale would be more beneficial.


Loaning out players in Football Manager can be an effective way to nurture young talents and provide them with valuable experience. By carefully choosing loan destinations, monitoring progress, maintaining communication, including relevant clauses in loan agreements, and evaluating the results, you can maximize the benefits of loan spells for both your players and your club.

Remember that every player's development journey is unique, and not all loans will result in immediate success. Be patient and adapt your approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for your loaned players. With these tips, you'll be well-prepared to make informed decisions when sending your talents out on loan in Football Manager.

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