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How Do You Create A Tactic Based On A Players Key Attributes?


Football Manager Playing To A Players Strengths

When playing Football Manager it is always a good idea to make sure you know the strengths of your players and understand what their key attributes are. If you have a striker who is good in the air and lacking pace, would it be a good idea to play him as a poacher? Probably not. When you play Football Manager it is a good idea to think of simple tactics to make the most of the players you have. It can sometimes be very easy to over complicate a tactic or the instructions you are giving a player.

What Are The Players Key Attributes?

You need to understand the key attributes of your players. Knowing the key attributes for your players will help you to build a good tactics for your team and you will be able to make the most of your players. If you over complicate tactics on football manager or ask players to do things they are not very good at you can’t expect to get good results.

How Can You Make The Most Out Of Them?

So if we take a look at the player below. He is a fairly fast player with acceleration of 13 and pace of 12. He has good dribbling and flair attributes at 13 and he has good technique. The attributes he is not very good in are vision, tackling, strength and jumping reach. With this in mind, we could make the following notes on this player:
  • We should not be crossing the ball high as he will not win many headers.
  • We should be crossing the ball low to make the most of his attributes.
  • We don’t need him pressing defenders as he does not like tackling and he does not have good work rate.
  • He should be running more with the ball as he is good at this.
  • He does not have good vision or passing attributes, so we need him to play simple short passes.
  • He has good pace, so we need to make the most of this.
  • You will see then after you make notes on a player how this can start to affect your tactics.

Will This Change Your Tactics?

So I have made my notes on how best to use this player and how to get the best out of him. If he is in my starting 11, this will change the tactics I employ. You might make notes as follows:
  • I need to make the most of his pace, so I will need one of my midfielder to play killer passes often. Do you have a midfielder who likes to play killer passes?
  • I will not have him pressing the opposition defence. Do I need another striker up front with him who is willing to do the pressing and closing down?
  • I will have my striker on shorter passing; does he have players around him to pass the ball to over a short distance? I need to make sure he has support from my midfield or from another striker.
  • Can I get him in a position to run with the ball more often? Will it be a good idea to have him drop deeper so he has time to run with the ball?
Even from just the stronger attributes of one player, you can see how much this could influence your tactics and how you will develop and use the players in your team.

Can You Train A Player To Have A Preferred Move?

Lastly if you do have a player with good flair attributes and good dribbling skills. Are you able to give him licence to use these key attributes? You are able to train your players in learning new skills, so you can train your player to run with the ball more often or to cut inside from the wings etc.

The player above, I would probably want him to have the following preferred moves:
  1. Runs with the ball often
  2. Plays simple short passes
  3. Plays one-two's
I think the above would make the most of this guy’s attributes. He will be able to pick the ball up, play a simple pass to one of my midfielders, play a one-two and then use his pace to run onto the ball any run with it if needed. This will be the best way to make the most of this player.