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How Do You Make An Attacking Tactic On Football Manager?


How to Create An Attacking Tactic On Football Manager

How to create an attacking tactic on football manager

When you are playing Football Manager, it is vital to think about how your team will score goals and how they will defend. In this article we will be reviewing how to create an attaching formation on Football Manager.

There are several key areas you need to review when trying to make an attacking formation.

Do You Have Good Players In Your Team?

Players - You need to make sure you have good enough players in your team to be able to play attacking football. Let’s face it if you don’t have very good attacking players then you are going to struggle to score goals. You will either need to buy in new players to make your team better or you will need to develop a tactic to work with the players you currently have in your team.

I would firstly advise to take a look at the attributes of your players; do you have some players who are good at crossing the ball? Do you have some players with good pace and acceleration? Or do you have any players with good passing and vision attributes? When you know the answers to these questions you can start to put together a tactic for your team.

Do You Know How You Want To Attack?

How will your team attack - after you know the better attributes of your players and you know how best you want to attack you need to then start making a formation. Let’s pretend you have a full back that has a good crossing attribute. Is it going to be a good idea for him to cross the ball often? Of course it is! Your winger, who might have good pace and good dribbling skills, is it going to be a good idea for him to run with the ball often. Yet again, of course it is! You can see the pattern here. Although you might not have the best players in the world, you need to review a players better attributes and then build a tactic to make the most of his strengths.

What Shape Will Your Tactic Be?

Shape - the shape of your formation will be vital. It does not matter too much what formation you use. You will have success with a 4-4-2 a 3-4-4 - pretty much any tactic will be successful so long as you think about how your team will be defending and how they will be attacking. You need to make sure your players are not being too attacking and then you are being caught on the counter attack. Likewise you need to make sure that if you are attacking that you actually have enough players going forward to be able to launch decent attacks.

Have A Back Up Plan

Have a plan in mind - you need to think about how your team will attack. So I mentioned earlier you might have a fullback who is good at crossing. How will you make sure he gets the ball and how will you make sure he gets enough space to cross the ball. You could make sure you are passing the ball down the flank that the full back is playing down and you could also use an inside forward who might draw in the opposition full backs to make some room for your full back to get crosses in.

What if the other team decide to mark your full back and he is having no luck in crossing the ball? How else will you attack? You need to have at least three different options for how you think you will score most of your goals. This way if one of the methods you are trying to use to score goals is not working, you can change to one of the other methods you have thought of and see if it works a different way.,

Making an attacking formation on Football Manager does not need to be difficult. You just need to make a formation that suites the players you have at your club (or players you might bring into the club). You need to think about how to attack (and have at least three different ideas on how to attack). You need to also look at the key attributes of your players to make sure you are making the most out of what you do have.