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5 Teams YOU Have To Manage On Football Manager 2018


5 Teams YOU Have To Manage On Football Manager 2018

5 Teams YOU Have To Manage On Football Manager 2018

It is a decision that will shape your whole experience of playing Football Manager. Who to manage. Most people will want to manage the team they support or a team with alot of money. I like to play Football Manager for the challenge. I generally always manage lower league teams and build them up.

The release of Football Manager 2018 is not too far away (at the time of writing this), so decisions need to be made on who you will manage first.

I have decided to pick out 5 teams who all pose different challenges. Most of the clubs have had poor fortunes in recent times and could be considered sleeping giants. They have lost their way a little and as a manager, you can change the history of the club for the better. You hope at least.

Club #1 to manage on FM 2018: SUNDERLAND

Lets be honest, Sunderland are a total mess at the moment. Having been relegated from the Premier League during the 2016/2017 season, they should be in a position to try and get promotion at the first time of asking. They will have a number of players on Premier League wages, some of who are coming to the end of their footballing careers. On the plus side, Sunderland have a very big stadium and if you did hit the big time with them, you would make alot of money.

I have picked Sunderland as I see it as a good challenge for you to go in and sort the squad out, whilst needing to gain promotion to the Premier League.

Club #2 to manage on FM 2018: BLACKBURN

Having been relegated from the Championship last season, Blackburn find their self in league one. They have signed Peter Whittingham, who is going to be a great player for league one. Blackburn should be considered one of the better teams in League One, but the challenge will be to firstly establish them back in the Championship and then gain promotion to the Premier League. The Blackburn Rovers squad should be strong for League One, so the first season should not be too bad - its the following seasons where the challenges will kick in.

Club #3 to manage on FM 2018: BRENTFORD

The challenge with Brentford is a little different, they are pretty established in the Championship. The reason I have picked out Brentford is because they operate without a youth academy. This is an interesting challenge. In "real life" Brentford have taken the approach of finding and scouting for players that are dropping out of the academies of bigger clubs. They keep a close eye on the academies of Manchester United, Manchester City etc and watch for any players that don't make the grade at these academies.

I currently have a file on Football Manager 2017 where I am managing Rochdale with this approach. I will only keep 1-2 of my own academy players (if they have 4-5 star potential). The rest I will release. I then look for free transfers from Premier League academys. I am enjoying this save and it is a good challenge to develop a player who otherwise would have been forgotten about.

Club #4 to manage on FM 2018: PARMA

Italian team Parma, once upon a time, had players like Thuram, Crespo, Buffon, Zola and Cannavaro playing for them. They are now playing their football in Serie B (the second division of Italian football). It is very much a riches-to-rags story for Parma. It is fairly obvious why I have included this challenge for Football Manager 2018. Are YOU able to take Parma back to greatness?

Club #5 to manage on FM 2018: CHINESE CLUBS

For the last recommendation, I am not going to suggest one team, but rather one league. There is alot of money in the Chinese top league and it would be an interesting challenge to try and develop China as a footballing nation. You will be able to bring in more experienced European footballers to help tutor your younger Chinese prospects. It would be an interesting challenge to give yourself three seasons of spending alot of money on European talents and then switching over to only having Chinese players in your starting eleven. You have can have the fun of spending money and then the challenge of developing a nation.

What ever club you decide to manage on Football Manager 2018 - be sure to keep an eye on this football manager blog for tips and tricks to help you develop as a manager.