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Football Manager 2014 Scouts - How to Assign


Football Manager 2014 Scouts - Scouting Assignments

football manager 2014 scoutsYour scouts on football manager are key to finding new players for your club, they will review the current ability and the potential ability of the scouted player. They will provide details on any concerns they may have with the player, such as if they are injury prone etc, you can find out how much they are likely to cost you and also how much you may have to pay the player in wages. You can find players yourself on football manager, however if you want assistance, then assigning scouts is the best way to get this help.

In this article we will review how to assign scouts on football manager to make sure you are making the most of your scouts and to make sure you are finding the best players for your football team.

Football manager 2014 scouts - scouting focus

So what type of player are you looking for? Players with potential, players who have good current ability, so you can improve your squad, or a mixture of both. Depending on your football clubs situation, it will adjust your focus on the type of player you require. It would be impossible to write about all of the different situations, so this is something you need to assess yourself as a football manager. Budget is obviously key to this, both wage budget and transfer budget.

So, you know your focus, how do you set this up?

I will use the example of finding players with good potential for explaining this and I will also use the example of a medium size football club from England, with 8 scouts, this is how I would assign the scouts.

Scout 1: Scout the nation you are in & the league you are in
Scout 2: Scout the region you are in & the league below you
Scout 3: Scout the region you are in & the under 18 league
Scout 4: Scout a different region & the Champions League
Scout 5: Scout a different region & the Europa Cup
Scout 6: Scout a different region & an international cup/qualifying round
Scout 7: Scout a different region & an international cup/qualifying round
Scout 8: Scout a different nation & the top league from that nation

I tend to make scout 1 the top scout who will make the final say.

You get the idea of how I have set my scouts up here, we need to be checking out the best football competitions (in line with the size of your club) and you need to make sure you are increasing your scouting knowledge by scouting a number of different regions. Try to make sure when you have full knowledge of a nation that you get a staff member from that nation, so your scouting knowledge increases, eg you have just scouted France, you have full scout knowledge, try and get a staff member from that nation, you then scout Spain, you have full scout knowledge, try and get a staff member from that nation.
You can see how you get the ball rolling with increasing scout knowledge, try and get members of staff with different nationalities.

Football manager 2014 scouts - Conclusion

You need to just assess what you are looking for with the players you are looking to buy for your football club, a mixture is key to success. Change how you scout but remember to scout a nation and a competition for each scout.