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How To Improve Morale FM 2014


Football Manager 2014 How to Improve Morale

When managing any team on football manager, morale can be a very important aspect when it comes to winning matches and improving your club. Morale can help win football matches, winning football matches brings success.

We are today going to discuss how to keep player morale high on football manager 2014. This can be done in several different ways.

Winning matches

A simple formula. Win football matches to increase morale. Lets have a think of where a player can play as part of a winning team at your club, depending on the set up you may have a reserve team and an under 18 team and of course your first team. You may have a striker at your football club who has poor morale and is not scoring, consider dropping when from the first team and letting them try and win some games in the reserve team. It might also be worth while on loaning a player out to a football team a few divisions lower than your team, you would hope they might start being involved in matches where they can score a few goals and improve morale.

Private chats

I think this is THE best way to improve morale, you have a player on bad form, tell him he needs to buck his ideas up, or that you have faith that he can get better (this will be player dependent on how they respond). With certain players you can also warn them you will be dropping them or placing them on the transfer list. 

You have a player who is playing good football and is on a high average rating, tell him he is doing well and that you have faith in him, if morale is on "very good" you may be able to increase this to "superb".

Private chats are vital on football manager 2014 for making sure you keep morale high, be careful though and work out what works for each player at your football club. You are the football manager, so manage morale!

New Contracts

A sad fact of life, football is all about money, as a football manager you are able to offer new contracts to your players. If someones morale is low and you do want to keep them, consider offering a new contract to the player, personally I would use this as a last resort for improving player morale.

Team talks

I will use the phrase again: "you are the football manager, so manage morale!" - team talks are vital for managing morale, you need to work out what works for your team. Do you have lots of young players, don't be too harsh on them if they keep losing, tell them you have faith they will start winning football matches. Playing against a better football club? Manage morale by firstly telling them they are underdogs and there is no pressure, then do individual team talks to tell them YOU have faith in them. Winning at half time? Tell your players you are pleased with how they are playing. Losing at half time? Depending on your team, try and tell your players you have faith or try being a bit harsh on the team to make them do better. You need to trial this to get the most out of your team.

However you chose to manage morale at your football club, just remember to try things out and make sure if something works, keep doing it! Morale will help you win matches and winning matches increases morale.