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Football Manager 2015 how to pick club captain

football manager 2015 captain
football manager 2015 captain
The leader of the team, the player that all your players will look to when things are not going too well, both on and off the pitch. Your club captain will play a vital role for you when managing your club on football manager 2015. He has the ability to both inspire your other players and can sometimes be the person you can go talk to, so you can see how other players are doing.

What are the key attributes for a club captain

Your club captain will need to have several key attributes, I will outline some of these below. There is much to be considered when picking a club captain.


This one is the most obvious, you will need to ensure that the leadership attribute is as high as it can be. Generally you will be looking at the top 4-5 players at the club with good leadership attributes to decide who to pick as your club captain.


As you club captain will be the heart beat of your team, you need to ensure he is one of your better players. Think John Terry at Chelsea, he will put his body on the line to ensure he is winning headers and winning tackles etc on the pitch. These are great qualities to have as a captain, its a good idea to try and pick someone who has been at the club for a while and someone who has been consistant with average ratings, its no good having a captain that is not performing and who will not play many games for your club.


I will look for good personality's when picking a captain on FM 2015. Born Leader, Professional and spirited etc are very good personalities and if you can pick a captain with this personality, he can also help with tutoring the younger player, of course this is key to help your club in the long run.

Favoured personal

football manager 2015 captain
Football Manager 2015 Picking Club Captain
Before deciding on your club captain, take a look through your squad, is there one stand out player who is liked by all the other members of your squad. Look out for things like "Thinks XXX is a good player". This is a good indicator that members of your squad have respect for the player, they want him in the team and they expect him to do well. This can help decide who you pick as captain.
If you do give someone a chance as captain, see how they react to this, comments such as "delighted he got to captain the team in the last match", will indicate he would relish the job and is happy to take this role.


It might just be me but I would not pick someone as captain who could not speak the language of the country you are managing in. I do think its important to pick an English speaker if managing in England for example. I don't know if this does have any effect on football manager, but this is certainly something I would look out for when picking my captain.

Captain Responsibilities on FM 2015

On FM 2015, you are able to ask your captain to undertake several tasks.

You are able to ask him to welcome new signings to the club. This is a great thing to do as it should help newer players settle in quicker.

You can speak to him, via a private chat, to see how the teams morale is. This can help you decide if you need to hold a team meeting. This can be a good thing to do if things are not going to plan.

You can also ask him to speak to players that are not happy. It can happen that you fall out with a player that the relationship you have with him is too far gone and you are not able to speak with him. This is not a good position to be in, but of course this happens in football. It could be that your captain helps you out to see if he can help the situation.

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