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How my striker scored 38 goals in 43 starts


FM 2015 TIPS to score goals

football manager 2015 poacher
football manager 2015 poacher
So I have just finished my 3rd season with Oxford United in League 1. At the beginning of the season, I was looking through the loan list as normal, lots of names on the list. I had recently changed my formation to a 4-1-2-2-1, the loan striker being used in the poacher role. The role of a poacher is described at follows on football manager:

He sits on the shoulder of the last defender, looking to break the defensive line and run onto through balls from midfield. His main aim is to score goals but he will also run at his marker and cross the ball when required. He rarely offers much help in constructing moves, preferring to remain in a central position and sniff out chances in and around the box.

Returning to the loan list, I needed to find a striker with pace, good anticipation, good decision making and of course good off the ball, so the striker could get in the best position possible to score lots of goals for me. I found Adam Campbell from Newcastle and he fitted the bill perfectly for me. You will see from the screenshot (taken at the end of the season), he has great attributes for a league 1 team.

You will see he scored a fantastic 38 goals in 43 starts, he was a goal machine for me. I wanted to share the steps I took to get him to score this many goals in one season. The below tips wont be in any order, but these are some of the thoughts I took to help Adam score this many goals.

FM 2015 scoring more goals

I set the crossing of the ball to be "low crosses", with the poacher he will always be running on the end of crosses, we can see with Adam he is 5ft 6" and only has strength of 5, so playing the ball to his head is not worth it. The low crosses go to his feet and this puts him in a better position to score more goals.

When we needed a goal, I would set crosses to "cross ball early", this means Adam would be on the back of the defenders and be ready to use his pace, the amount of goals he got from running onto the ball was unreal, he has great pace, so make the most of this by giving him the ball early.

My tactic allows for one of my midfielders to play direct balls, this is a fantastic tactic for scoring lots of goals. I would advise everyone to watch the video below for how to use a poacher properly, look at the amount of through balls.

I made sure I had some fast wingers to keep up with Adam in attack you will see how got lots of assists also, I made sure that my other players were keeping up with Adam, so they could be on the end of his crosses or through balls. It was important to make sure he was scoring goals or assisting. Most of the time he was scoring the goals, but chipping in with assists also helps.

I would also advise to try and keep hold of the ball, sometimes we would use the tactic of passing the ball around, I use the tactic of "pass into space" this means that we keep hold of the ball and then when the players saw that Adam could run onto the ball, they would pass it through to him. Its a good tactic to use when you are looking to score goals and keep possession.

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