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Why natural fitness is a key FM 2015 attribute


A closer look at FM 2015 attribute natural fitness

football manager 2015 natural fitness attribute
football manager 2015 natural fitness attribute
When playing football manager 2015, as a manager of a team we will always be on the lookout for the next best regen, or a player who can improve our team. Everyone will have set attributes that they will look out for when reviewing players. I personally do have some key attributes that I like to see as high as possible. Determination and work rate are two key attributes that I will expect all of my players to have, regardless of the position they play.

I will always review a players personality and I make it a rule that if I buy a player that is 23 years and older, he must have a good personality, so professional, spirited or resolute etc. A high determination attribute can sometimes lead to players having a better personality, although not always the case but they can be linked.

When developing a club for a long term FM 2015 game, I like to build a team that wants to win and has players who will work hard to win all matches. This is increased by having high work rate attributes and high determination attributes. Team spirit is spoken about a lot by TV football pundits. Some managers, especially teams in relegation battles, realise their players might not be as technically gifted as some other players in the league. As long as their players are working hard and are determined to win, it will give you, as a manager, a better chance of winning a game.

This moves me onto the natural fitness attribute and why I believe this to be one of the most important football manager 2015 player attributes. I recently undertook an experiment to find which attributes are high on players who score lots of goals, I have not released my findings yet but the natural fitness attribute was one of the attributes that was higher on a lot of the players who played well and scored lots of goals. Notice I say higher, my experiment was to take the top 10 goalscorers, take the attribute rating for each player add the attributes up for all the 10 players and then divide the number by 10.

Just as a quick example, if I took 3 players and their natural fitness attributes were 12, 18, 14. I would add this up and then divide by 3 (the number of players) to find an average. 14.67. For anyone wondering!

So my experiment after doing this for all attributes showed me the natural fitness attribute was in the top 3 for all these player scoring lots of goals. I came to the below conclusions:
  • Players with higher natural fitness will be able to play more games as they won’t get tired as easy.
  • Players with higher natural fitness will be able to play longer in a game, more time on the pitch, the more chance they have of scoring.
  • You would think players with better natural fitness will improve their physical attributes quicker and their attributes will not drop as quick the older they get.
I would suggest the next time you are looking for new players, you do pay close attention to the natural fitness attribute, my findings have shown it to be an important attribute when it comes to player performance on football manager 2015.

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