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GUIDE How to improve form on football manager 2015


Football Manager 2015 Improving Team Form

Football Manager 2015 Improving Team Form

Football Manager 2015 Improving Team Form

If you have played football Manager before, you will know at some point in your career there will be stages when your teams form might decrease and results might not go as you had expected. One moment you have gone on a run of winning 5 games in a row and then the next your team cant score and you are struggling to get points on the board.

How does this happen and why does this happen? These are two big question for this topic, I will provide my thoughts on how you can improve the form of the team you are managing on FM 2015.

Why has your team form decreased on FM 2015?

Probably the most important thing to review is why the team you are managing has taken a sudden decrease in form, there could be several reasons for this.

An injury to a key player - We have seen this with Man City, when Kompany is injured at the back, they don't look that impressive in defense. A leader and an organiser on the field, you might have had an injury to a key player. In which case you need to try and have enough players in the team to try and step up to the mark when one of your better players is not available.

A change of tactic - I do like to live by the moto "if it isn't broke then don't fix it" however on football manager 2015, you need to be able to adapt your tactics for the teams you are playing against, its a good idea to develop up to 3 tactics, I like to create my normal tactic that I will use for most games. It is then a good idea to create 2 extra tactics, one for when you need to defend an lead and one for when you need to score a goal. You need to remember that when you are managing a team, its good to settle on a tactic as quick as possible, it takes time for your team to become familiar to new tactics, so give time for new tactics to bed in. If you do start to drop form, don't panic, it might be you need to give your players time for them to learn the tactics and the way you need them to play.

Change of players - One of key parts of managing a football team is to be organised in your squad, its a good idea to have 2 players to cover every position on the field. If you think of Chelsea, they have played with John Terry at the back for years, of course as a manager you would need to realise that John Terry is 34 and coming to the end of his playing days. As a manager, you would need to be reviewing the transfer market to make sure you have a suitable player to replace out going players, Chelsea have done this with Kurt Zouma.

If you have recently sold lots of players or even if you have signed lots of new players, you need to give time for the players to settle into the squad and to start building relationships. This takes time, so my advise would be to try and not make drastic changes to your match day squad and try and not change the players you have, unless it needs to be done.

How can you improve team form on FM 2015?

So having taken a step back, hopefully you have realised why your team form has decreased. It might even be something as simple as you just had a harder run of games, so a dip in form might have been expected. There are several ways to improve team morale.

Morale - This is by far the most important factor in player performance, if a player is unhappy, how can you expect them to play well. I have recently started a survival challenge file where I am trying to manage a team from a relegation battle, my biggest challenge is to increase morale. You need to praise players when they play well and some players will need a stern talking to when they are not playing well, do be careful with this, not all players will take well to the "hair dryer" treatment.

Settled tactics and squad - Even if you have a team that is not playing well, if in your mind you have picked the best players you can on match day, stick with your team. You do sometimes need to make drastic changes but if you can afford to stick with a solid team selection for 3-4 games, see if your team can change the form around. If you have some players where their average rating is particularly bad, then do consider taking them out for a player who is on good form. In general if you tell your players you have faith in them, you can be surprised with the results you will get sometimes. Stick with your team and see how you get on.

Pick on form - This is one tactic I employ often and do see it work a lot, you might have a 3 start current ability player who is not playing well, you do have a 2 star currently ability youth player who is on good form and ready to start in the team. You might see that if you chuck them in the team they will do well for you and will soon be part of your team. These type of players will develop quickly and if they are playing well then its a win-win. Don't be scared to throw in a young player who is on good form, you have nothing to lose really. If you have a player who is better but not playing well and a young player who is decent and on good form, you will be surprised with the results.

Guide for improving form on football manager 2015

We have discovered that once you know the reasons for a dip in form, you should be able to turn losses into draws and draws into wins. Its important when form is bad to try and win "ugly" if you have go defend for your lives and take a 1-0 win, then do it. The most important thing is to get the points on the board and then you can develop your team to score more goals and play better football.

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