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3 Tips to Lower League Finances Football Manager


Lower League Finances Football Manager

Lower League Finances FM 2015
Lower League Finances FM 2015

It is always a great challenge on Football Manager to manage a lower league team. The chance to take a club from non-existence and try to make them into a power house of world football is always a popular choice for a game file on FM. There are several challenges when managing a lower league club, the most obvious one is the finances. Low attendances, lower merchandising turnover and little to no money from transfers are just some of the challenges.

This article will discuss how to manager finances with lower league teams. There are lots of areas to review, in this article we will discuss 3 tips.

Keep to a strict wage budget

This is the most important tip of this whole article, under no circumstances should you go over your wage budget. Even if you do find a player you would like to bring in, make sure you move a few players on before signing him. What you will need to do, if you have a wage budget of £3,000, you will need to have about 15ish first team players with a few youth prospects thrown in. This averages to about £200 a week per player. So if you keep this number in mind when reviewing finances then this will help you keep this under control.

I highly advise to look at the loan market for making up your squad, it will be vital to get some players in on loan from higher ranked teams. The chances are you will not have to pay any wages, so if you have 4 players in on loan for free and you work with that squad of 15 players, your wage budget can be split over 11 players, so the average wage per player, per week, will be £272, so as you can imagine, it will be vital to get the loan players in.


Get as far in the FA Cup as you can

The FA Cup will be your one ticket to generating lots of money for your team and it could kick start your club with the right fixture. It is of course a dream of many non league teams to get far in the FA Cup. You need to make sure your team is prepared for every FA Cup game and to make sure you can get as far as you can in the competition. If you can get a big away game at a Man United, you can make lots of money from this.

In many ways for making money, the FA cup could be classed as important as the league, if not more so. Clearly you do need to focus on the league and work your way up the league table, but for making money at the start of your non-league career, the FA Cup is vital.

Be clever with your transfers

My best tips for transfers is to try and sign the best players you can under the age of 23. Never sign any players in non-league based on potential ability, always sign players with the best currently ability. If you sign players based on currently ability you will be able to work your way through the leagues quicker and will be able to command a transfer fee if any teams are interested. For dealing with transfers, I would try and make the transfer based on number of appearances, this is a good way to keep the money rolling in over time. The key to non league finances is to try and make a profit each month, so if you can get good income from transfers per month, this will be an excellent way to stay on track.

It will always be worth, when the transfer windows are open to see if any clubs are interested in your players. If they are, I will always consider selling your players for a transfer fee. The great thing about managing a non league team is there will always be players on free transfer to bring in or players you can get on loan. So if you picture you have a midfielder and can get £30,000 for him spread over 6 months, your club will earn £5,000 per month and then lets say his wages were £250 per week, over 6 months £6,000 you will save in wages. Then lets imagine from selling your midfielder you bring in a player in on loan for no wages. What we have managed to do over 6 months is save/earn the club £36,000 and brought in a player who has cost us nothing as his wages are free!

So if you picture doing this on 4 other players, then you would have earnt/saved your club £144,000 over 6 months. This approach to managing non league finance is vital. This is all in theory, but you get the idea!

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