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How to develop a scouting network on FM 2016


Developing a scouting network on FM 2016

fm 2016 scouting network
FM 2016 scouting network setup

Which ever club you decide to manage when you are playing football manager 2016, it is important that you are aware of the best players your club can attract. No matter of the size of your club, you need to look to bring players into your squad who will improve your team and give you a better chance of winning games. The way to find the best players is with a scouting network.

Creating a scouting network on football manager 2016 is a pretty simple process. I will guide you through each step of the process below.


Speaking with the board on scouting restrictions

One of the first things to assess is where you are allowed to send your scouts and how many scouts you are allowed. You can find out this information by going to the board screen. From there you will be able to discover how many scouts you are allowed and also the regions around the world where you will be allowed to send your scouts. With smaller clubs you will be allowed less scouts and the regions you are allowed to scout will be restricted, compared to if you were managing a bigger club.

Thinking of a scouting strategy

Depending on the club you are managing, you might decide to take different approaches to scouting for new players. Budgets will play a big part in where you scout and what you scout for.

If you are managing a club with lots of money, who can scout all over the world, then you might decide to send scouts all over to look for players. The things to think about are the type of player you are looking for. When I am scouting players for my Bristol Rovers team in league 2, I am searching for any players who will improve my squad. With this in mind generally I will look for players who are considered to have 3 star current ability and are between the ages of 20 to 23.

I like to look for players who are 20 years old and older, as you will have a better idea of how they might turn out. If you have a 17 year old, their performances can vary game to game and they might not develop as well as I would have hoped, depending on their personality and injuries etc.

I do also like to search for key attributes in all my players, I like brave players who work hard. So as a minimum I set the bravery and work rate attributes to 10. The best thing to do is decide the type of player you want in your team and then set up your scouts accordingly.

football manager 2016 scouting network
football manager 2016 scouting network

Assessing players

OK so your scouts have found a number of players based on the scouting instructions you had set. What do you do now? Personally I will always try to improve the weakest area of my team first, if I have a right back with a poor average rating, who has just 2 star current ability, I will look to improve him first. Sometimes when managing a team it can be easy to slip into a habit of looking for quality strikers or wingers and forgetting about defenders. You need to ensure your team is balanced and that you are always looking to improve the weakest area of your squad.

I do use the compare player tool alot when I am looking at new players to sign, its important to look at attributes and stats. If you are able to try and sign a player who is already playing well in the league your team is in, then you know the player should do well for your team. Of course you can sign players from other leagues but if that league is not up to the standard of yours, then a good average rating in a different league would not guarantee success in the league your team plays in.


Signing players

Once you have find a player you would like to sign, of course you need to be able to afford the player, both in terms of wages and transfer funds. Your scouts will give you details on expected wages and transfer fees. When building your team its important to make sure your wage budget is always within budget, this generally helps to keep finances in order and a club who has a healthy bank balance will have more to spend on wages and transfer fees the next season.

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