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FM17 Youth Academy Challenge - Tandragee - First Win


FM17 Youth Academy Challenge - Tandragee - First Win

Which ever team you manage on Football Manager it is always important to get off to a good start. This is especially important when undertaking a challenge like the Youth Academy Challenge.

As the team you will be managing are likely to struggle at the beginning, it is important to have a good start so that for the first season you can just survive and then build from there.

During pre-season the below happened.
I have finished pre-season and we are playing our first few league games. I am pleased to say we have had our first win. This came against Donegal Celtic at home in a 2-0 win. Two goals from Aaron Gallagher secured the win. To be honest we deserved it. We had 20 shots and 10 on target.

Of course it is early days in the league and this is going to be a massive struggle, but needless to say I am happy to get a win under my belt early doors.

Gallagher is 34 years old and if I am being totally honest with myself, he is rubbish. Even though he managed to get two goals in this game, I will be very lucky if he gets 10 for the season. I do hope I get to look back on this post though and say I was wrong about him. Heres hoping.

In other news, I had highlighted we were lacking in left backs at the club. I say lacking. We literally have two. One of them being 44 years old. In a stroke of very bad luck, one of my left backs picked up an injury for three months. I will just say it was not the 44 year old. This leaves me with one left back who is 44 years old. I will need to see how he gets on. My tactics will be for him to never dribble with the ball, play simple passes and to just defend. I hope he will not be a total weak link, but to have a 44 year old at left back is pretty desperate to say the least.

In a bid to try and improve my attributes. They are currently all pretty much at one. I have sent myself on a coaching course. This is going to set the club back a massive £600. Lets hope I can do well on this and that my attributes increase as a result of this. Going on coaching courses is the quickest way to improve your attributes as a manager. The trouble being that when a member of a coaching team is on a course he is not able to be at the club, so you lose that coach. Although this is far from ideal, I have decided for the long term this is going to be the best thing to do. If I can make myself a better coach, then this might help our players develop quicker.

I must say that I am pleased with my first win, but do realise this is going to be a tough challenge.

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