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GUIDE to Football Manager 2015 Scouting Knowledge


Football Manager 2015 Scouting Knowledge

football manager 2015 scouting knowledge
FM 2015 scouting knowledge
When playing football manager 2015, every team you play as will have scouting knowledge of nations and regions. This article will tell you how this feature works on FM 2015 and we will also discuss how to increase scouting knowledge and how to improve scouting knowledge. Using scouts, your coaches and feeder clubs are the best ways to get the best scouting knowledge.

The video as part of this article will also have a special tip for improving your world scouting knowledge quickly.

Finding the scouting knowledge screen on FM 2015

FM 2015 scouting knowledge
FM 2015 world scouting knowledge
To find the scouting knowledge screen on football manager 2015, over to the left hand side of the screen, you will need to press the “scouting” option. When on this page, you will need to then click on the “knowledge” screen at the top. You will see on this page you will see details of your world scouting knowledge at the top and then the regions just below this. At the bottom you will see the nations you have knowledge of and this will then give you as a percentage your total knowledge of a region or of the world. To see the percentage you need to hover over the blue lines and then the percentage will show. You will see your knowledge for nations is made up from scouts, coaches and feeder clubs you might have from different nations. It’s also important to know that knowledge can be gained through relationships your members of staff have with other people through the footballing world.

How to increase scouting knowledge

I have seen a lot of people asking how to get 100 percent world scouting knowledge, I don’t think this can be done, however there are many ways on how to improve scouting knowledge. I mentioned earlier about some of the ways, but these are my top tips on how to increase scouting knowledge on football manager 2015.

1. The most simple way is to look for staff and coaches that have knowledge of different nations. To use an example, say your football club is based in England and you are looking to increase your knowledge of central Europe. I would look for any staff member that has knowledge of any nation in central Europe. When you sign this staff member, say he has good knowledge of France; this will open up the amount of players and staff you can see for this nation. With this increased knowledge, you might be able to find someone based in France but that has good knowledge of Spain. With this knowledge you keep the ball rolling and you just keep going through the nations one by one.

Obviously it makes your job much easier if the member of staff has knowledge of more nations. My video shows the best ways on how to increase scouting knowledge.

2. Feeder clubs are the next step, when you are a bigger team you will be able to have feeder clubs, these can be clubs you send your players on loan to, teams you have first pick of their youth players or even to get commercial advantages. The trick with this is to pick feeder teams where you do not have knowledge of a nation, it can be a good idea to pick a more obscure footballing nation, but also do try and pick a team with good youth facilities.

FC Shakhtar Donetsk, from the Ukraine, are a great example, they have great youth facilities and they will help increase your knowledge of Eastern European football. Remember to pick the team wisely, it is also a good idea to check out the feeder clubs that the feeder club you are picking has. In some instances because of the relationship that two clubs might have, you can also gain increased knowledge through the relationship they have.

3. Keeping your scouts busy is also another good way to increase scouting knowledge on football manager 2015. Depending on the size of the club you are managing the amount of scouts will be allowed to have will change. If you are at a bigger club, it could be a good idea to have scouts focusing on particular nations. If we pretend we have a scout who has good knowledge of France. We can use that scout to search for players in the scouting range of France, Spain and then maybe a country like Portugal.

Scouting knowledge will decrease if you do not let your scouts go back to a nation for a while, so as Spain is a bigger nation and France is also, if you allow your scout to look for players in a smaller country like Portugal, this should give them enough time to have their knowledge high on all nations selected. If you did have 20 scouts and used this small/big nation tactic, then you could have knowledge of 60 countries (20 scouts looking after 3 nations each). You can see how we get the ball moving with this to increase knowledge quickly.

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