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5 Key Attributes Of A Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid


5 Key Attributes Of A Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid

Football Manager 2017 Wonderkid Attributes

When playing Football Manager 2017, it is every managers dream to have a team full of wonderkids. These wonderkids, ideally would have generated from your own youth academy, in some cases you will need to, with the help of your scouts, search for wonderkids. There are several key attributes to look out for when trying to look for wonderkids or key signs that your scouts will tell you about, when they produce a scout report. We will review these here. It is worth noting that not all players with the below will turn into wonderkids, a bit of luck along the way always helps, but for me, when I am searching for wonderkids on FM 2017, if a players does not have the below then I really do have to think twice before signing them.

Decision Making

The decision making attribute on football manager could be classed as one of the most important attributes. Being able to make the right pass or to decide when to make a run or try to tackle an opponent would all be decided by the decision attribute. It could be said its what makes a player turn into a world class footballer. The best way to improve the decision making attribute is through game time. Depending on what level you are managing at will decide how quickly this attribute will increase. If you have a player who is a full international and is playing in the Premier League, he will develop alot quicker than a player who is playing in League 2. If you offer your player the correct training also he can develop his decision attribute further. As a general rule of thumb, I like to make sure most of the young players who come into my youth teams have a decision attribute of at least 8-10. If a player has a decision attribute of say 5 or below, then generally I will release him.


I believe personality is a huge factor in developing wonderkids, make sure you have players in your squad who have professional or spirited personalities. If players are over the age of 23 and they have a high enough squad status then they will be able to tutor younger members of your team. A players personality will effect how he reacts towards you and towards training. If you have a temperamental player, eventually he will most likely fall out with you and potentially other team mates. A player who is professional will train a lot harder and as a result will develop quicker as a player.

Work Rate

I tend to always look for this as a key attribute, no matter the position of a player (central defenders might be the only exception). Work rate will decide how well a player will progress in training and how much effort they will put in on the pitch also. There are many footballers who could have been fantastic players, but their work rate really let them down. We hear lots of stories about players who will put in the extra time at training, the players who are working hard to maintain their fitness plus develop their attributes as much as possible. It is no great surprise that players who have higher work rate will generally stay at the top of their game for longer and will develop faster. We could give the example of ex Manchester United player Nani, in theory he could have been a great player, he has the skill, pace etc to have gone on and done much more with his career than he has. A player like Frank Lampard, he is not known for skill and pace etc, but the extra hours in training and the high work rate mean he has stayed at the top of his game and has had a much better career than a player like Nani, who on paper, could or should have had a much better career. The work rate attribute is quite similar to the determination attribute.

Natural Fitness

With a higher natural fitness attribute, players will recover quicker from matches. They will also be able to play more matches and they will be able to play more of a match. I have had several great players for my teams, but I find I can only get about 80 mins of game time out of them before they are too tired to continue. For the next match also, this player is not always fully fit and you cant expect a player to perform to their greatest if they are tired. You only have to look at the amount of games Ronaldo plays a season, this is what makes him the great player he is. He is able to play many games and play 90 mins for most games also. Make sure you offer your young players as much game time as possible to develop them quicker.

Good attributes for position

So this is a given, but to create or train a wonderkid, the player will need to have some good potential for the position they play. Even if they did have all the above mentioned attributes, if you have a midfielder with 2 passing, you would need to go a long way to making him a wonderkid. I tend to look for key attributes for the position, so if we are looking for a wonderkid central defender, then strength, positioning, tackling, marking and heading are all my first point of call. Then attributes like anticipation and decision making will need to be high, after this all of the attributes previously mentioned will come into play as to whether or not I would sign the player. Over many years of playing Football manager, you can decide if a player is good enough within seconds, a quick look at their attributes, then a glance at their info to check their personality is usually enough for me to decide if a player is worth signing.

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