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5 Signs your addicted to Football Manager


5 Clear Signs your addicted to Football Manager

Football Manager is considered by many as being a very addictive game, we take a look at some of the signs to see just how addicted to football manager you really are.

1 game turns into...
football manager addict
football manager addict

Lets face it, we just cant help ourselves, we say in our heads, "just one game". Hours later its the middle of the night and have spent hours tweaking tactics, finding that next wonderkid or spent the time trying to get Blyth Spartans into the Premier League. I would be a rich man if I had a quid for everytime I have said "Just one more game!".

You know of random players

football manager knowledge

Its a strange thing, we might over hear a footballers name mentioned somewhere and we can instantly recall everything about him. The most obscure player, we seem to know his position, teams he has played for and even some attributes he has. Its a scary thing and an unfortunate thing. My time playing Football Manager during my days at school, I could never seem to remember what I needed for a maths exam, however my brain decides to remember all the details of a skilful Columbian left back, worth 50K. If only I could put my football manager memory to good use...

Its "normal" to have played over 500 hours

football manager hours played
football manager hours played

The above screenshot is taken from my football manager 2014 game save, that game is now laid to rest, I had clocked up 517 hours of gameplay. That's right, 21.54 days to be exact. I have been playing football manager since Championship Manager 97/98 and have brought every single game apart from 2013 (In that time I was still cracking on with FM 2012). I don't want to do the maths on how many days and months I have played FM through the years, but it will be a lot. To me this seems normal and I don't see anything wrong with this. Many other players of FM will feel the same way, scary to think some other people would have had way more game time than myself.

Tactics, Tactics, Tactics...

football manager tactics
football manager tactics

I wonder if I make my left back advance forward more? What if I play with shorter passing? These are some of the random thoughts I may have when I am daydreaming. If I am having a shower I might create some tactics on the shower screen, from the steam. I will also have to admit that I have spent many a night, having woken up during the night, thinking about my tactics and my squad. Which players I would like to sign, who can I sell from my club etc. I must not be the only FM addict who thinks about their team and tactics during the day at random times!

You cant stop on a loss

This might just be me and the way I play Football Manager, however, if my team is losing I have to keep playing until we win again. I seem to be a much happier person if I end the game on a win with team morale high having moved a few places up the league table. Playing football manager over many years, I would like to think I am good at the game, however it is never good to end the day when your team have just lost away at Preston. I just cant bring myself to do it!

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