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FM 2015 Things to Learn from Harry Kane


Football Manager 2015 Giving Youth a Chance

football manager 2015 youth development
football manager 2015 youth development
One of the more enjoyable parts of football manager 2015 is the development of youth players, you will inherit regens through your youth academy or you can get your scouts to find new youth players for you. Reading an article on Tottenham's Harry Kane, he has been quoted as saying, 'I always believed in myself'. Harry Kane has enjoyed a rich vein of form this season scoring 8 goals in 17 Premier League appearances. He has also been touted to be part of the England senior side very soon. Like alot of younger players, Harry had done his time out on loan, playing for Leicester City and Millwall. Now back with Tottenham he is getting his chance in the first team and is grabbing it with both hands.

Below, I will detail the top tips for how you should give your young players a chance to break into the first team.

Football Manager youth development guide

Its a good idea when the player is between the ages of 15-17 to put them in the first team and then make them available for the under 18 team, so they are still playing football for the under 18's but they are in your first team, so they will get a chance on the bench etc.

If you are in a position to, try and give your youth player as much time in the first team as possible, usually I will give the player 20 mins at the end of a game if you are winning. I will also look to play the younger players in games against weaker teams, you should look to build confidence, so its not a good idea to put a young player in a team where you have a chance of losing and they might get a low average rating.

Football Manager loaning young players

If your player is aged 18-19 and they are not getting at least 10 starts in your first team a season, think about loaning young players to as good a team as possible, where they will get first team action. To make sure your player is ready for first team football, I would recommend you tutor them to make sure they have a good personality (professional or spirited are the ones I look out for). Also make sure they have good physical attributes, younger players physical attributes increase quickly, so make sure you train physical attributes firstly. With a good personality and good physical attributes, your youth player will develop their mental and technical attributes quicker by playing first team football.

Football Manager training young players

On football manager 2015 young players will develop their mental attributes with game time, so its vital they play in lots of first team games, the trick is you need to keep your younger players happy, as with better morale, they will perform better on the pitch and when doing training. This will make sure your players are increasing their attributes as quickly as possible. It is important to remember that developing youth players does take time and you need patience.

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