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3 Tips For Increasing Player Value On Football Manager


Football Manager - How To Increase Player Value

How to increase player value on Football Manager
Best ways increase player value on Football Manager
When playing football manager and building your squad, one area that can indicate the success of your club is the value of the players. Eventually when you get further into the game you can look to develop a pattern where you are selling players for a profit and then investing money made back into other players. When I play football manager, I often like to find cheaper players to develop. Once you develop players you can often sell them for good profits.

What Type Of Player Do You Need To Find?

When looking for players to develop and sell on for a profit, there will be key areas and types of players you need to look for. We will review some of the important items below.

Player age – It is important to find players under the age of 23. As a player gets older, once he has passed his prime, his value will decrease. If a player is over the age of 23 and you can sign him on a free transfer or for a cheap price, then it could be worth signing him, but its easier with players under the age of 23.

Player injury proneness – I highly recommend that you get a full scout report on any player you plan to buy. You need to make sure they can spend as much time on the pitch as possible. If you have a player who is injury prone, the chances are you will not be able to keep the player on the pitch that often. As a result his value will not increase.

Performance - When you are looking for players to buy, make sure they have a decent average rating and that they can perform at a high level. When a player is playing better, his value will increase. Make sure you are looking at key stats when finding players to buy. Tackles per 90 mins, shots on target % and ratio of headers won are some of the key stats I try to review when signing players for my teams.

Player potential – When you sign a player you need to make sure that eventually he can be better or at least on par with the players you currently have at your club. Again make sure you are getting full scout reports to make sure you get a good understanding on the players potential. When you do find a player with good potential, I would recommend you only sign players who have at least 2 star current ability, so they need to be useful for your first team squad. The worst thing to do is to sign young players and then have them sitting around for a few years to hope they develop.

You need to sign young players good enough to play for your first team from the off. I find that players who are classed as useful for your first team should be good enough so you can play them as often as they can.

How Do You Increase Player Value On Football Manager?

So you have signed a player under the age of 23 and you are happy he is not injury prone and that he can do a job for your first team from the day you sign him. So how do you make sure his value is as high as it can be?

Player contract – You need to ensure that players you are developing under the age of 23 have a contract that is at least 3 years in length. You need to make sure that the player is on a longer contract so you have time to develop him to keep his value up.

Game time – In order for a players value to increase you need to ensure you are playing him often in your first team. Remember to increase value you need to show that a player is valuable. This cant be done if he is just sitting in your youth team and not getting good experience for your first team.

Develop the player - This might sound simple but you will need to develop the player, I have a triangle of things I use to develop players, tutoring, training and game time. If you focus on these 3 things then your player should develop further.

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